Five Kid-Friendly Crafts Made From Yarn

February 5, 2018 2 Comments

Am I the only one that has a basket full of yarn taking up space in a closet?  Every once in a while I’ll pull it out to do a crochet project, but what inevitably happens is a barrage of children begging me to make ‘something fun’ with it. 

Since I can be a sucker for their enthusiasm, I occasionally indulge. Besides, yarn crafts are some of the easiest to try because they don’t require a ton of materials.

Here are a few that we have tried…


Kid-Friendly Valentine Crafts Made From Yarn


1.String Heart yarn cards– If you want to create some really unique valentines, these are great! This would also be a great craft to introduce sewing. 2.Love Bugs– Ours turned out a little cheesy, but believe it or not, the kids really enjoyed these little creatures the most. Homemade monsters? What’s not to love?😉 3.Yarn wrapped word– This was somewhat challenging for little fingers, but we conquered a word together. (I can see this as a future exercise for practicing letters and name writing.)

4.Straw weaving– Haha. This one looks cool, but ours did not (Hence the missing picture). And that was because I didn’t follow the directions very well. It unraveled. Jovie cried. Moving on to the next one…



5.Pom pom garland– This little garland is so cute. I think we are going to hang it in the girls room after Valentine’s Day. We just used our fingers to make the pom-poms, but if you want a more perfect looking garland you can buy a cheap little pom-pom maker on Amazon.

What yarn crafts do your kids enjoy?

This is an update blog post from January 2017

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