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The App Every Parent Needs

Yesterday, I had a load of laundry that needed folded and all three of my children were trying to climb into the basket as I was trying to pull stuff out of the basket. I sat them down on the couch next to me and gave them my phone so they would watch a ten…

Memory Verses for Kids

One of the sweetest gifts my parents gave me was the verses they trained me to memorize when I was a child. I remember my mom had typed out a full page of references on her typewriter 😉 and rewarded us with smiley-face stickers as we committed each one to memory. Share this:

A New Kind of Thankful

Bike wheels whizzing fast. Pedals cranking. Breath heaving. This book is another link in my chain that is sending me in the direction I want to go… A place of contentment and thankfulness. A place where I can get out of bed and see the beauty of each new day instead of begrudgingly facing fussy…

Anxiety’s Worst Enemy

I picture anxiety as a large, burdensome purse. One that I have neglected to clean out. It’s brimming to the top with just about everything, but the kitchen sink. Until one day I come home and my shoulder and back hurt, and I realize I need to do something. I need to unload. I can’t…