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Memory Verses for Kids

One of the sweetest gifts my parents gave me was the verses they trained me to memorize when I was a child. I remember my mom had typed out a full page of references on her typewriter 😉 and rewarded us with smiley-face stickers as we committed each one to memory. Share this:

Is Spring Here?

The kids are yelling for me to join them on the couch as they look out the big, back window. Jovie has made a life-altering discovery… “MOM! There are teeny-tiny flowers blooming in the backyard!!! Look! Look!” Our half-dressed, two year old echoes the excitement,  “Loo! Loo! Mommy!” Share this:

30 Day Declutter Challenge

I used to think I needed to be more organized, but I’m beginning to realize that I just need less stuff. I opened my junk drawer, (the one I’ve already organized at least four times since we moved into this house five months ago) to rearrange the same disheveled junk. Share this:

Christmas Gift Tags (Free Printable)

It’s a little hobby of mine to play around in editing programs and make little graphics and printables. I don’t think I’m amazing at it, I just enjoy doing it. I may be the only one who thinks they look cute, other than my mama, and that’s ok. But I thought I would share these…