Dress up clothes are a staple here at our house. We have a pink treasure box full of tattered little princess dresses that were passed down to us. Every day, sometimes more than once a day, the bunched up pieces of adorned silk and velvet are rummaged through with great excitement and imagination.

Though the collection is diverse and the options are numerous, the most frequently chosen outfit is a lovely purple crushed velvet dress with a quarter-sized hole right in the front where the worn seam has split apart. Every time she comes twirling into the living room I vow to fix that hole, however we always enjoy a little giggle because it’s right over her belly button, and she wears it as if it was meant to be there.

When the dress is on, she becomes royalty, which typically translates to excessive dancing and loud singing. Confidence and charm emanating off her face and flailing arms. When we question her behavior we are quickly informed that this is what princesses do.

Sometimes I wish I had a dress to put on that instantly made me royalty. That gave me a new set of rules to live by, that changed my status and defined me as something or someone amazing. A persona I could step into that gave me confidence to do all the things I dream about. But I guess princesses are just for little girls and fairy tales for daydreamers. Or are they?

In my Bible reading today, some unique thoughts have this little girl inside me dreaming for the impossible. What if I really lived like I believed that I was God’s adopted daughter? What if I knew deep in my soul that I was beautiful and interesting to Him? What if I believed that He put dreams in my heart so I would step out in faith and try them? How could this affect my day-to-day?

I read that God is the vine and we are the branches, if we remain in him we will bear much fruit, but without Him, we can do nothing. (John 15:5)

This tells me that I DO have a dress I can put on that instantly makes me royalty. It takes this hot mess of a mother and makes me more than sweat pants and dirty diapers. If I’m connected to the vine I have the potential to be a world changer, a beauty queen, an entrepreneur, a best friend, a prized wife, and a stellar mother.

photo-1449179601336-c0e373f79109I can wake up every morning to new mercies. I can fill my soul with His spirit that will empower me to be more than I could ever imagine to be on my own. I can be gentle and loving to my kids. I can have joy when when the bills keep coming in. I can have self-control when I make a batch of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies. I can have peace when my heart is breaking. I can have faith to try to new things. I can show kindness to people who treat me wrong. I can even dance around the living room with confidence and charm knowing that I am free to be who God made me to be. (Though I’ll probably close the curtains;)

An encouraging thought for today from a fellow tired mommy. Our potential is not limited to making it through our day. Let’s put on our crinkled velvet dresses and see what awaits around the corner. I wish I could stay and chat, but I need to go find my other glass slipper…


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    November 19, 2016

    So, so good, Jessica, and just what I needed today. Thank you!

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