Everyone has different opinions as their family grows. People told me that the transition from one baby to two is the hardest, and it gets easier with each sequential one. For me it was going from two to three. Simply put, I ran out of arms. We had three kids ages three and under, and they all wanted to be held or carried.

When I was pregnant with our third, I got on Pinterest and tried to find some must-haves for baby number three that would help me navigate through this next transition, but the content was very limited. Now that I’ve given birth, I understand why. First of all you have no time to compile a lengthy list of baby items. Secondly, you really already had the essentials in place from your previous two. Thirdly, by the time number three gets here your new mantra is less is more.

With that being said, there were still a few things that people had recommended or given to us that I found extremely helpful and would love to pass on to you.

This list is for my mom friends who are awaiting their third or next little one, whatever the number might be. And if you aren’t expecting, here are a few great gift ideas, for those you know who are:

    1. Diapers, Diapers, Diapers! (And wipes).- You cannot go wrong getting a mother of 3 a huge box of diapers and wipes. They will be used and oh so appreciated!
    2. A Pod Infant Lounge SeatI honestly did not know what I was missing, until a friend gifted us one of these right before our daughter was born. She lived in this pillow for the first couple months! It’s super soft and comfy for a newborn and I could set it down in any room that we were in. There were nights that she would only fall asleep if I wrapped her up and put her in the Pod. (It also makes a perfect setup for taking newborn photos, I threw fuzzy blanket on top and started shooting!)
    3. Baby K’tan Carrier Wrap– This little guy is awesome! I had a few friends recommend this wrap and I could not have been more pleased. It’s not an overwhelming amount of material, and the weight distribution is very easy on the shoulders and back. These wraps are based on your size so make sure you get the correct size. The first one I ordered was a small but when I put her in it, it sagged down too far, so I sent it back for an extra small. The new one held her nice and snug on my chest. (Generally I think their sizes run a little big, so If you’re on the border between sizes, I’d opt for the smaller one.) I’m not sure how I would go anywhere with all three of the kids or even get dinner made without this wrap 🙂
    4. Zip-up Sleepers– I feel like I don’t even need to mention this one, because it goes without saying…the fourteen button variety just aren’t practical. Maybe a couple cute outfits for fun, for the few times you might venture out into public. But the majority of the time these handy zip-ups are the best option.
    5. A Backpack– Once again, a hands-free item! I took this opportunity to consolidate the bags for all three kids into one massive mommy backpack. There were some absolutely adorable options on Amazon and Etsy but I ended up getting an inexpensive one at target. It does the trick and makes the going-out process much more doable.

There you have it, five items.

Let me know what you think about these items or what you might add to the list.  

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    November 19, 2016

    Baby #3 isn’t in the works yet, so I’m taking notes! But I definitely wouldn’t have survived #2 without a baby carrier of some sort!

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