Fall is my favorite season with its colorful leaves and spicy fragrances. Above all, one of my most relished is the thought of a brightly lit, warm kitchen. Where I bustle around, with kids underfoot while preparing a hot meal for my family.

Kind of like a Norman Rockwell painting. One where an apron clad mother is serving up freshly baked bread while she tucks a runaway strand of hair back into her kerchief. Substitute the apron and kerchief with yoga pants and a scrunchie and it could be me.

Thinking I might have a Rockwell moment, I finally lit the fall scented candle I purchased at HomeGoods almost a month ago. I’ve been saving it for the perfect Autumn-y moment. However, I’ve waited so long now, that it’s almost out of season.

I do that a lot. Savqor8bv1s2seqh6ucsjca_tea-copye something for the perfect moment, then realize I’m waiting for a moment that might never come. I have a stockpile of perfect moment treasures containing candles, flavored coffee, bath bombs, and an assortment of simple delights.

I wonder how many perfect moments I would have, if I took the time to enjoy the little things in
the midst of the chaos instead of waiting ‘til all the other distractions are removed.

I think that’s why I love the Rockwell picture in my head. That’s exactly what she’s mastered. Doing the chore of cooking dinner while enjoying the sounds of her children playing. As well as indulging in the smell of her freshly baked bread.

She could be focused on the fact that she is so tired from her day. And there are three loads of laundry that still need to be folded. As well as doing the dinner dishes. Not to mention, all the child-rearing moments and diaper changes before she lays her head down. Rather, it’s her joy and contentment that surfaces to the top of the painted canvas.

It’s this thought of contented busyness that warms my heart and urges me to light my candle. It’s a picture I can create now, that won’t always be a possibility as my children get older. I realize that every night won’t be this way. Some nights we will have to settle for corndogs and grumpy kids. Nevertheless, there is a certain beauty in this crazy season of my life. That I could enjoy, perhaps a little more, if I chose to find the pleasure in the small things rather than waiting for the perfect moment.

How do you find enjoyment in the chaos? Do you have a perfect moment stash?


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    November 19, 2016

    This is so true. Or waiting for the next holiday or big event, while we are missing the moments right in front of us. Totally guilty of this!

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    November 19, 2016

    I was really captured by the picture you paint of contented busyness… just love that. The busyness will always be there (at least when the kids are young…) but choosing the attitude of contentedness and savoring the moments amidst the chaos is where the good stuff lies!

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    Kimberly Lankford

    November 22, 2016

    thanks for the reminder, I definitely have a perfect moment stash. time to start enjoying the now!

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