Traditionally, we have shared Thanksgiving with Mr. Coppertop’s side of the family, but since we’ve moved across the country this year, it just won’t be

My Mom-in-Law is a super sweet Southern lady and her home is always warm and inviting for the holidays. I’m really going to miss seeing her this Thanksgiving, with her reading glasses on the top of her head and a pile of magazine-clipped or hand-written recipes cards strewn all over the counter. I know she will have about a dozen pyrex dishes brimming with mac n cheese, corn casserole, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and Waldorf salad. Someone will inevitably be attempting to make her peanut butter pie, while she pokes her finger in the bowl to test the sugar meter (which will almost always be too low).

Pops will be running to Walmart throughout the morning for newspapers, eggnog, and milk. There will be a constant breeze cooling off the hot kitchen, while grandkids run outside, forgetting to shut the door behind them. All the while, the Macy’s day parade will be marching along in the living room.

Before long, everyone is crowded around the farmhouse table, with steaming plates of deep-fried turkey and mounds of potatoes, filling their bellies with yummy goodness. Leaning back in their chairs, and washing down the last crumbs of corn casserole, with a big swig of Diet Coke, they will start reaching for the conversation cards that my sis-in-law carefully placed in front of each plate.

Lots of stories, laughter, and tears will be shared. Drawing the family close together again as each person recaps their year, through the lens of thankfulness.

What are some of your family traditions? If you’d like to try this one, I made up two sets of these cards for you to print off and use at your table this year. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

Download page 1                                   Download page 2

Download page 1                                  Download page 2

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November 25, 2016

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