Do you have certain roads you drive on that conjure up specific thoughts and feelings every time you drive them? Kind of like a song you hear on the radio that reminds you of your first crush. Or the smell of fast food wafting through that air that takes you back to your first greasy-filled job.


I’m not sure how this phenomenon happens. Some of these triggers are a one time thing. They pop up for a little visit, shoot me a quick memory, and then they go away for a long time. Then there are ones that recur every time I encounter that trigger.

For instance, every time I eat guacamole I think of my friend Rachel. We used to make up random songs together and sing them off key for the fun of it. While eating the green goodness, I feel happiness, humor, playfulness, and the overall urge to burst out in song. No joke. Every time.

Then there’s Edwin McCain’s, ‘The Greatest Event of Your Life’, which was playing in the boy’s car that was taking me on my first date. Hearing that song gives me nervous butterflies as well as feeling of embarrassment at my awkward young self. Seriously. Very awkward. I’m talking introverted girl with braces, frizzy hair, and tight jeans, trying to impress a boy…yeah.. I’m blushing right

More recently we moved to a new town. A huge change and one that I honestly never thought would happen. While we left some wonderful friends behind, we were able to move close to family as well as back to my beloved Pacific Northwest.

There is this stretch of road heading out towards our house. You can see evergreen-covered ridges on every side and if you look closely you can see the snow-capped mountains peaking over the top. It is breathtakingly beautiful. I didn’t intend for this to be a trigger but it is. Every time. I’ve deemed it my thankfulness road, because whenever I drive on it, I am filled with thankfulness. It takes me back to all those different memories and prayers that God took and answered in ways only He could.

I do relish nostalgia. (Perhaps with the exception of Edwin McCain.) And I sometimes wonder if these triggers are little gifts from God. I know not all of them are pleasant. In fact, some can be downright painful. But each one tells a piece of my story. It reminds me where I was and how far He has brought me.I’m not sure how long I will have Hwy 126, but for now, in this moment, it’s a gift.

Do you have a Thankfulness Road or a happy bowl of guacamole?


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    November 25, 2016


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    November 26, 2016

    Wow thanks for the tears!!! Love those little triggers that take you back to special memories!

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