So my oldest daughter told me today that she was suffering from short-term memory loss. She’s three. You know what this tells me? Too much Finding Dory.

Thats right, I let my kids watch movies even though I’m convinced that less screen time is so much healthier for a balanced brain. But my mommy brain likes a little reprieve. Apparently, I’ve been reprieving a little too much if my daughter is now suffering from short-term memory loss. What have I done?

Balance is the word that’s floating around in my head. I’m wondering if it’s a whisper of the wisdom I prayed for last night. In a whim to correct myself, I swing too far in the other direction, as if trying to make penance for my sin. Should I turn off the tv forever and vow to be a more intentional mom, for all my waking hours?kek6jv642fq-freestocks-org.jpg

I followed that possibility to the end and quickly realized that was not a realistic option for me. I want my kids to enjoy movies. I still want our family to use funny voices while quoting movies around the kitchen table. I just don’t want it to take the place of creativity and relationships. I don’t want it become just another mindless thing that we do, because there’s nothing else to do.


So many times we want to go straight to a dogmatic decision to end certain problems for all time, rather than seeking a healthy balance. I think it’s because it’s the easy way out. Balance takes work and extra muscles. It takes discernment when you are leaning a little too far in one direction, to gently correct yourself. You always need to be sensitive to what’s going on and the specific circumstances and seasons you are in. I guess this means no mindless coasting…

If you find yourself talking too much. Don’t silence yourself forever, just close your mouth and listen a little more.

If you are spending all your time cleaning, there’s no need for you to let your house go to waste. Just stop for a while, and color a picture with your kids.

If you find yourself saying “don’t!” more than “do” to your kids, make a point to put a more positive spin on what you are trying to get from them.

If you are trying to heal, but your guilt and that pile of laundry won’t let you. Just rest. You need it. It’s ok.

Solomon said it nicely “to everything there is a season.” Expect life to ebb and flow. Expect things to get out of balance every once in awhile. And instead of beating yourself up, or trying to hurry and fix it forever, pray for wisdom and discernment of how to bring it back into balance, and then set your path straight.

While my kids have had their share of movies recently, I’m not going to say I won’t ever show movies again. I’m also not going to lay awake tonight worrying that they are headed down the path of media-induced degradation. But I am going to put Finding Dory away for a little while and make some cookies with my kids today…eugck1ifvp0-kari-shea

Am I the only one who has issues with balance? What things are you working on?

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    December 9, 2016

    This is one of my favorites, Jessica! This came at just the right time. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and encouragement… I could stand to be a little more gentle and gracious with myself when I lose grasp of that balance.

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      December 9, 2016

      I’m so glad Michelle! Its so comforting to know I’m not the only one. lol 🙂

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    December 9, 2016

    Reading this as all my kids are playing video games or some type of entertainment! I struggle with taking the easy way! It’s a good reminder it’s never to late to get that balance back!

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