Granted I’m new to blogging, but it blows my mind that people around the world are reading what I write. I’m just me. I’m not some huge money-making, internet entrepreneur or a household sensation. I don’t have books published or a fancy degree proceeding my name. I don’t even feel like I have much to offer…

I write from a small corner desk in my living room. I’ve got amazon boxes piled on top of the printer from Mr. Coppertop’s parents who are flying out for Christmas next week. And our little mismatched Christmas tree sitting on this desk, along with an assortment of planners, notebooks, and office supplies.

Amidst the clutter and noise I got my first comment from Australia today, and it was surreal. Other moms, just like me, with mis-matched trees and cluttered desks are busy doing life, right along side of me?!  I love it!vvgvlh1d10u-slava-bowman

I love moms. I love connecting with them. With you. I think you are some of the greatest people in the world. And while we may have different parenting and political views, and our families come in all different shapes and sizes, we have so many things in common. Our differences are just the color and sparkle that make these relationships fun. It’s ok if we don’t agree on everything…

I want to encourage you today to let other mom’s ideas and views spark inspiration in you─to improve yourself and build a better family. Motherhood is something we should do together. Find a mama (or mum, if you’re from Australia 🙂 ) and let her see your messy house, hold her little one on your lap, while you sip lukewarm coffee. Listen to her dreams and share your crazy ideas. Enjoy each other. Motherhood is a gift, surround yourself with people to share it with.

😉 Shameless plug: Become part of my circle of moms and subscribe! I love hearing your thoughts and ideas on life. Let me know what you are up to today.  


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    December 20, 2016

    What a sweet post! But I am from Victoria, and we take our coffee very seriously – I grew up in the Pacific NW and can honestly say that Melbournians are bigger coffee snobs than Seattleites – so, do share a cuppa with me, but I could never serve it lukewarm, I’d be forced to move to Sydney!

    (Melbourne and Sydney have a fierce rivalry.)

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    December 20, 2016

    😂lol. Hot coffee it is!!

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    December 24, 2016

    Motherhood is beautiful indeed. We cry, we laugh, we fall, we raise up and fall again and yet we keep our heads up!!!. Thank you for this beautiful post and also encouraging us moms as we all walk the mothering walk.

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