Welcome to copywork! One of my favorite understated learning tools for building information retention, handwriting practice, vocabulary, spelling, and more! While the term copywork may seem foreign, it’s the same thing as me taking the time to jot down my favorite quote from a book or my daughter copying the ingredient list from a candy wrapper. Copy work is simply writing down short excerpts in hopes of remembering the info while seeking to improve writing skills.

What is copywork?

Simply stated, copywork is a unique way of learning multiple facets of handwriting and language arts by copying short passages of literature. The individual reads the passage given, rewrites it, compares theirs to the original, and then self corrects. This short daily practice of writing has wonderful benefits in vocabulary building, spelling skills, handwriting, grammar, and information retention for kids and adults alike.

How to choose meaningful things to copy:

Copywork is most effective when it’s developed as a personal habit. For kids and adults, its best to start by copying short passages from your favorite book, or writing down Bible verses that you want to remember. For kids, you can incorporate copywork printables that are based on things they are already learning or things they are showing particular interest in like dinosaurs or farm animals. (Check out some of the copywork printables below that I’ve used with my kids.)

How to make writing fun:

If copy work is taught as a personal habit rather than busy work, its much more enjoyable for all parties. To make it fun, do it with your kids! Perhaps purchase or make journals with each other OR try to fill a three ring binder with content that each person feels is most interesting. Light candles, use a fun writing utensil, add drawings, or use stationary, just have fun and allow it to be a creative outlet. And the benefits of improved writing skills will follow!

Copywork Printables:

Benefits of Copywork:

  • Handwriting practice
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Encourages information retention
  • Spelling practice
  • Teaches grammar
  • Reinforces good sentence structure
  • Independent work
  • Builds confidence in writing
  • Gives exposure to new and varied literature
  • Builds the habit of attention

Printable Copywork Resources

Every year, I create copy work books for my kids to use throughout the year. I have these listed in my Etsy store for you to use with your kids as well. Each topic is available in both print and cursive, but they are sold separately.

Free Famous Quotes Copywork Printables

Want to try copy work out with your kids, but not sure where to start? Check out this post about understanding the benefits of copy work and then get the Free Famous Quotes Copy work that is available at the end of the post. (There is a print version as well as a cursive option!) Note: these free copywork printables are for personal or single classroom use only.

Want Your Kids to Learn how to Write A Letter?

For an introduction to letter writing, check out the mini letter writing unit! From learning the parts of a letter to addressing the envelope, this beautiful, printable unit is a great place to start!

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