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How to Make Pressed Flower Gift Tags

Using the flowers we dried earlier this season, we have learned how to make pressed flower gift tags. This has been such a fun way to preserve some of our favorite flowers from our garden.

How to Press Flowers in a Book

Earlier this summer, my kids and I learned how to press our garden flowers into a book to preserve them, check out out everything to learned and read our full guide on how to press flowers in a book

For the simple version, we put fresh picked flowers in between pieces of paper then put them in a thick book (with more books on top) for about two weeks. Thats it!

Pressed flower craft ideas

We began looking up what to do with dried flowers. Let me tell you, there are some really neat pressed flower gifts and craft idea out there. From making pressed flower pictures to adding them to bath salts, there was no shortage of ideas.

We landed on the gift tags. That way, they held a practical use, as well as, made a way for use to share our garden flowers with others.

Materials needed for pressed flower gift tags

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Before we get started I wanted to let you know that you can buy pre-made paper gift tags online or at any craft store. But if you have a Cricut Maker like I do, just downloaded a tag svg pack and cut them out, using brown craft paper and white cardstock.

One more note, for the Mod Podge I used the matte sheen but only because that’s what I had on hand. A gloss sheen would work too.

Materials needed for pressed flower gift tags:

Directions for making pressed flower craft:

  1. Get your first tag and place a thin layer of mod podge over the entire surface of the tag. This will adhere the bottom of your flower to the tag, and because the mod podge leaves a sheen, you want to cover the whole face of the tag.)
  1. Next, gently place the dried flower on top of the wet surface. (Its ok if the flower is too big, you can trim it off the extra once the main part has dried.)
  1. Gently brush a layer of mod podge over the flower, being careful not to tear the delicate petals.
  2. Once the Mod Podge dries you can trim off any extra flower that is hanging off the side.
  3. Lastly, to finish it off place a piece of twine through the top hole.
  1. Thats it! Now you are ready to attach these to the top of a gift for a friend or a jam jar for your neighbor!

What is your favorite dried flower craft?

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This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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