Printable Summer Busy Book

I love busy books (also called quiet books).  They are little books, filled with various hands on activities for little people. Most of the ones I’ve seen are made from fabric and sometimes include textiles like snaps, ribbons, and felt.

Since my fabric skills are not quite up to par with my paper skills, I decided to break the rules and attempt to make one with paper.


I chose to make it half page, so it would be easy for my daughter to carry around, put in her backpack, or even take in the car.

The results: She loves it!

This busy book has ten different, interactive activities that teach patterns, counting, numbers, spatial reasoning, as well as, building of fine motor skills.




This did take a little prep work up front, but the result was definitely worth it! (I took mine to a local print shop and had it bound.)

Here are the materials I used and how I put it together.




  1.  Purchase, download, and print the ‘Printable Summer Busy Book
  2.  Laminate the pages
  3. Cut the pieces from the “cut” pages
  4. Velcro the cut pieces to the coordinating page using clear velcro
  5. Insert the pages into a small, half page binder OR have it bound.





As always, I like to share the resources I make and they are available in my tpt store. (This platform allows me to have a safe place to store my creations, as well as, allows me to make a little money from my hard work.)

If you want to make one of these Printable Summer Busy Book for your homeschool or classroom you can get the download HERE.


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What are your little ones doing this summer?

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