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Free Homeschool Student Planner

If you are like me, and trying to bring a little more organization into your crazy, homeschool life then you might appreciate this post. Because, I am sharing a homeschool student planner for free.

A while ago, I got on a planner-page-making kick… and this week, I finally decided to put together the ones that would work best for this year.

Since they are fairly generic, I thought some of my homeschooling mama friends could possibly benefit from them as well. Let me know what you think!


free homeschool student planner my school year page



Benefits of Student Planners

  • Gives clear objectives. Having a planner not only helps the teacher to clearly articulate what they expect but it allows the students to know exactly what they are supposed to be doing. 


  • Reduces Stress.  Having a clear picture of what is on the student’s ‘to do’ list prevents them from becoming overwhelmed with their tasks. They can view them in bite-sized pieces


  • Increases productivity. Clear communication and organization always leads to more things getting done, and less time wasted.


  • Teaches responsibility. Giving a student their own planner allows them to manage their own time and tasks. This teaches responsibility and self-discipline. 


  • Tracks Progress. Keeping track of places they’ve been, or books they have read, gives a sense of progress and completion of a job well done. Which in turn, fosters motivation and confidence.


Tips for Helping your Child Use a Planner

To begin with, most kids don’t naturally have a sense of organization and planning, but it can be developed through some gentle encouragement and basic habit training.

My suggestion is to start off on the right foot by making it a fun experience. Give your child some stickers, or sparkly gel pens to decorate their planner and make it their own.

Then to begin developing the habit of using it, encourage them to refer back to it daily. Remembering that building a habit doesn’t happen over night but can take weeks to establish. 

Lastly, be consistent in promoting self responsibility. Therefore, teaching kids to see the benefits of self-discipline and how it makes them feel as an individual gives them a ‘why’ to using their planner.



Choosing the Right Planner for your Student

First, this decision will vary for each child and their style of learning.

Secondly, if you have a child who is regularly over-stimulated, you are going to want to choose a very simple format. Perhaps, even a notebook with a minimal daily list of tasks they can check off. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to do a little trial and error. Give it some time and see what printable weekly homework planner works best for your student.



The Free Homeschool Planner:

This planner was designed with our homeschool family in mind, but it would also work in a classroom setting as well.

I’ve included a few different page options in this printable. Therefore, you can choose to use all of the elements are just a few.  (We plan on using the daily spread and the reading list for sure.)


To give you a bird’s eye view of this printable student planner download, here are the contents:


1. About Me page.

This is just a fun space to make this planner their own. (Besides, it will be fun to look back and see how these things have changed.)
about me page


2. Year at a glance.

This page is for organizing the big picture. For example, marking terms, noting big events, or planning significant assessments.
free homeschool student planner year at a glance page


3. Day Planner Page. 

This page is for breaking down the activities into specific time slots.
free student homeschool daily planner page

4. Reading Log.

For keeping track of book-reading for the school year.

5. Field Trip Tracker

A place to note all the meaningful places they have visited and what they have learned.

6. Username and Password Log

A place to store important log in information for their educational websites.
free homeschool student planner user name page


7. Gratitude List

This page is for fostering an attitude of gratefulness in the area of education.

8. The Weekly Spread

This is the main spread sheet that is used each week. (I printed 36 weeks) This spread includes a week glance, subject check-offs, Chore checklist, and a place for notes.

free homeschool student planner daily spread


How to Assemble the Free Homeschool Student Planner

You can do anything your creative heart wants to with this free homeschool planner printable  (other than take, sell, or claim this as your own.)

I laminated the front and back cover, printed the pages back to front, and had it bound at our local print shop.

Note #1: there are no specific dates written in. That way, this product can be used for multiple years/months/weeks.
Note #2: The fonts used within these pages have been purchased and are used with permission. Therefore, they are not editable.


Free Homeschool Student Planner Download

You can access this printable student planner download here.



Digital Homeschool Student Planner

If you want a digital version of this planner that you can edit and use in Google Slides OR in a note taking app like GoodNotes, check it out:   Digital Homeschool Student Planner

digital homeschool student planner iPad

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  1. I love the about me section Jessica , it will be fun in years to come to review! The day planner is a vital page and keeps kids focused on tasks and times. Day trip pages will be a good way to document their time away from school . #6 is great to always be able to log in, I need that for Me!! That is so nice to have a gratitude list , makes kids appreciate people and things . Great job again Jessica , take care, Terri xo.

  2. This is such a great help! I have used your academic planner myself in the past and liked it, but this is the first year I’ll be using one with my daughter. Another 5th grader who will eat it up! The About Me page is pure genius. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this with homeschoolers.

  3. I just stumbled across this and I am so happy I did. I am embarking on my first year homeschooling after making the decision to pull my kids from public school in May….this will help me and them SO much!

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