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10+ Practical Homeschool Storage Ideas

Trying to organize your homeschool? Here are 10 practical homeschool storage ideas you can try.

We are a kitchen-table homeschool family. We do not have a schoolroom or dedicated space to contain all our homeschool items. That means, that my dining room is the schoolroom. It also means we’ve had to learn how to get creative with storing everything that goes along with homeschool.

With that being said, here are some of our homeschool storage ideas.

homeschool declutter curriculum

How do I organize my homeschool space?

First of all, lets go over how to start the process of organizing your homeschool space…

To begin with, give your homeschool space a much needed homeschool declutter. Go through and get rid of any unused items.

Secondly, store the non-essentials. This could included curriculum or books you are saving for your younger kids, extra supplies, or past records.

Lastly, look through homeschool storage options and create some organizational systems that work for you.

10 Practical Homeschool Storage Ideas

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As we go through this list of homeschool storage ideas, I’m going to start from the largest working my way down to the smallest. That way, you can create a frame for your space, and then work your way down to getting the details organized.

1. Homeschool Shelving Ideas

Some sort of shelving is essential for organization. If you are homeschooling in a small space like I am, vertical shelving helps to maximize the already limited space.

You can use metal shelving, wood shelving, large cubbies, or even built-ins as a framework to organize and store things like homeschool books, baskets, caddys, and supplies.

2. Large Storage Bins

Large storage bins are wonderful for storing your non-essentials, or things you won’t be needing this year. You can pack up all those books and extra supplies and create a ton of extra room for your current needs.

Furthermore, you can label these homeschool tubs and put them in a closet or garage where they will be accessible, yet out of the way.

3. Mounted Wall Homeschool Storage Ideas

Mounted wall organizers include things like hooks, small floating shelves, hanging wire baskets, a large calendar, or peg board. These are another way to utilize your vertical space without taking up valuable floor space.

Using these items, you could create a homeschool or family command center, where all of your daily tasks are visible and easily accessible.

4. Homeschool Storage Cart

Learn how to make an art cart that you can wheel into a closet at the end of the day. Of course, it doesn’t just have to be for organizing art supplies, you can learn some clever ways to create a homeschool cart where you could keep your kids daily school books, teacher supplies, or printed resources on it as well.

The best part is, you can move it around as needed throughout the day, then put it away when its not being used.

5. Lockers for Homeschool

If you have access to some old metal lockers, why not add them to your homeschool space? You could have one for each kid, or use them to store things like books and supplies.

Besides the fact that old lockers are just plain cool, if the shelves get a little messy throughout the year, you can always shut the door.

6. Homeschool Supply Caddy

There are so many caddy options out there! And no wonder, because they are so practical, not to mention, cute. They are great for holding basic school supplies like glue, scissors, pencils, crayons, etc.

I keep a caddy on our homeschool shelf and it really does help to keep the supplies from taking over the room.

supplies in a homeschool art caddy

6. Baskets for Homeschool Storage

Whether you do a morning basket or are just needing something to hold your papers in, baskets are the best way to go.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, baskets also make it easy to organize within your shelving framework. So instead of simply throwing everything on a shelf, organize and categorize the shelf using baskets.

7. Homeschool Paper Storage Ideas

Paper organizers include stackable paper holders, binders, pocket pouches, binder rings, and file box with hanging folders.

Organizing homeschool paper work and printable resources can sometimes be a nightmare. But once you get a system in place that works for you, it should improve the situation.

I use a combination of these paper organizing solutions for our homeschool. I use stackable holders for card stock and printer paper, pocket pouches for units or things with cutouts or small pieces, binder rings for flashcards, and then I use the binders to organize record keeping and things like that.

8. Drawer Storage ideas for Homeschool

Efficiently organizing desk drawers is always a challenge. But there are a few storage ideas you can try that will help create a workable system.

Some of these include: Trays and baskets in the drawers for separation, rubber bands for holding groups of things togethers like wires or unused pencils, and small containers that can hold random things like paper clips, and thumbtacks.

10. Clear Storage Containers for Homeschool Organization

Clear, stackable storage containers can be a great option if you have a lot of little things that you use all time, like hands-on actives, math manipulatives, or even craft supplies.

Along with these clear storage containers, you can find tons of free classroom organizational labels and tags online to make them kid-friendly and easy to access.

10. Mason Jars for Homeschool Organization

I think we would all agree that mason jars are versatile. So why not use them in storing you homeschool supplies? You can use Mason Jars for art supplies or for holding any little items that you simply struggle to find a home for.

We use them in our caddys and I also have a grab jar, that has scissors, glue, and pencils in it that I can take with us, if we go outside or to another room for our studies.

11. Go Digital for Homeschool Storage

Lastly, go digital for audio books and e-books, scheduling, record keeping, planning, curriculum, and the list goes on.

If you are overrun with papers, figure out a way to get the same great resources but in digital form. Nowadays, curriculum companies are offering digital teacher’s manuals and book lists. Also, check if your library uses Hoopla, or maybe even invest in a digital book resource like Audible.

Digital homeschool teacher planners and student planners are also a nice way to cut down on the paper trail. As well as scheduling programs like Trello for homeschool.

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