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10 Tips for Having a Productive Homeschool Day

What is considered a productive homeschool day and how can we make it happen? Let’s tackle these two questions then get into a list of 10 practical ways you can work to achieve this.

What is Considered Productive Homeschool Day?

A productive homeschool day is one where you are able to achieve your main objectives. Whether that is a set amount of pages, completing reading and math with each kid, or simply a broader objective like fostering a love of learning.  It’s having a clear goal and working towards it every day.


How Can I Have a Productive Homeschool Day?

In short? Keep your objectives attainable then be committed to working towards them every day. To know where you are going and then follow through is the key. 


10 Tips for Having a Productive Homeschool Day

  1. Have clear objectives– What are the main things you need to get done for the day? Spell out what a productive day looks like in your family. Is it doable? Does it cover the most important things?  Benjamin Franklin said “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”   You’ve got to know what your goals are!

  1. Plan ahead– Knowing your objectives, find ways to plan ahead in order to make those goals happen. Could you start using a planner to map our their work? Perhaps a student planner for your kids? Would it help to make the kids breakfast or lay out their clothes the night before? How can you pave the way to accomplishing your daily homeschool goals.

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.” -Dale Carnegie

  1. Get up before the kids- start your day with a few quiet moments. Sip some coffee, think through your day, and get a good mindset. This helps you to take the lead on your day instead of your day leading you.

  1. Start with the right mindset– If all else is lost, get this: take a few moments to get into a good head space. The opportunity to homeschool your kids is a gift. Let gratitude drive your actions and attitudes and you will find yourself prioritizing what is most important. 
  1. Have a routine– no matter what your homeschool style is, find a routine that works for your family and stick to it. You will have the most productive homeschool day, if you and the kids expect to revisit the basics every day at the same time. 
  1. Show up– the key to a successful, productive homeschool day is being able to make it happen every day. Its really hard to have a great homeschool if you are not committed. You’ve got to commit to the plan and show up every day to carry it out. 
  1. Get the challenging subjects done first- If there is a subject that is extra challenging or that requires a lot of focus for your child, do that thing first. Your kids are typically fresh and ready in the beginning part of the day. For this reason, some families find that early morning homeschool works well.

  1. Take breaks- Don’t push to hard. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your time with your kids. Do some school work, then take a snack break or go for a walk. If an opportunity comes up to do a field trip or have a play date, take it.

“Commitment: It separates doers from dreamers.” -John Maxwell

  1. Use individual work as well as group subjects– Can you combine a few subjects with your kids? Perhaps history or science? Could you create a time of independent work for one child so you can have time to devote to another? Sometimes the homeschool day can be more productive simply by planning out your time creatively.

  1. Avoid Busy Work– Don’t waste time on unnecessary worksheets, bonus activities, games, or crafts. If they do not serve a solid purpose in teaching your core objectives then don’t try to get them done. (This doesn’t mean, never do these things, it simply means don’t get stuck in the trap of following a curriculum so closely that you waste time on unneeded busy work.)

  1. Bonus tip: Have fun– make your days colorful by adding in fun. Do math boardgames, have poetry tea times, go for nature walks, make cookies together, do a craft or stem activity. Adding pleasure into your days make them more enjoyable which in turn will lead to more creativity and productive learning.

More Resources for a Productive Homeschool Day 

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What does a productive homeschool day look like to you?

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