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Back-to-School Homeschool Mom Favorites

Gearing up for another great year, what would you consider to be your back-to-school homeschool mom favorites? Your homeschool essentials? Is it your trusty laptop or simply a generous stash of chocolate? Here are my top ten… Back-to-School Homeschool Mom Favorites (This list contains Amazon Affiliate Links) 1. High Quality Printer/Copy machine I print things…

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Transportation Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

Today I’m sharing a huge list of transportation activities for preschool and kindergarten. Get your planner out and lets get started! How do you explain transportation to a preschooler? First of all, lets talk about how to explain transportation to you kids. Simply put, transportation is the way we get places (how we move from…

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10 Tips for Having a Productive Homeschool Day

What is considered a productive homeschool day and how can we make it happen? Let’s tackle these two questions then get into a list of 10 practical ways you can work to achieve this. What is Considered Productive Homeschool Day? A productive homeschool day is one where you are able to achieve your main objectives….

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25 Preschool Activities That Will Build a Love for Learning

Looking for some preschool activities that will build a love for learning? I’ve got some ideas for you. How do you build a love for learning in your preschooler? We all want our kids to enjoy learning, right? But how do we achieve this? Is there some magic formula? I think there is. Here it…