5 Kid-Friendly Valentine Crafts Made From Yarn

Am I the only one that has a basket full of yarn taking up space in a closet?  Every once in a while I’ll pull it out to do a crochet project, but what inevitably happens is a barrage of children wanting to twirl it around, unravel it’s colorful balls, and begging me to make ‘something fun’ with it. 

I’m a sucker for their enthusiasm.  That twinkle in their eyes when I give them the ‘go ahead’ is like my most favorite milkshake, and the overflowing excitement that translates to hugs and kisses, is the cherry on top.  How can I resist? 

No crochet today, but here are some cute valentine projects that we made.



Five Kid-Friendly Valentine Crafts Made From Yarn

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1.String Heart yarn cards– These were super easy and fun.

crafts made from yard sting heart card

2.Love Bugs– Ok, ours turned out a little cheesy, but the kids really enjoyed them.



3.Yarn wrapped word-This was our favorite. We might pull this project out again for practicing letters and name writing.

crafts made from yarn word



4.Straw weaving– Haha. This one looks cool, but ours did not (Hence the missing picture). And that was because I didn’t follow the directions very well. It unraveled. Jovie cried. Moving on to the next one.



5.pom pom garland– This little garland is so cute. I think we are going to hang it in the girls room after Valentine’s Day. We just used our fingers to make the pom-poms, but if you want a more perfect looking garland you can buy a cheap little pom-pom maker on Amazon. Who knew?



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What are some of your favorite crafts made from yarn?


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  1. We did cup weaving once with success. You take a Dixie cup and cut slits from the top down and leave the bottom intact. Then you weave yarn around outside/inside alternating sections of cup. The cup is always there, but with a tight weave it just looks like a yarn basket. Much simpler than the bracelet.

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