How to do Mornings Like a Pro

Good Morning! How did you sleep last night? …Me? Oh, thanks for asking…

I slept pretty good, when I was sleeping.

The only thing that would have made it better was if I got a little more. But hey, that’s the story of my life right now. I keep telling myself, I am on the upswing and more sleep is just over the horizon, but with two that need potty-help at night and one that still thinks nighttime is one-on-one mommy-time, it’s looking more like a dark tunnel.

By the time morning rolls around, all I want to do is stay in bed for a few more moments of glorious shut eye, but I know what that means for my morning. It means the kids wake up before me, which translates into a frenzy of getting little people situated, and more than likely equalling a no-shower, sweatpant morning for me.piqca1resgu-elizabeth-lies

The problems with mornings like this is I feel like my day is on top of me rather than me being on top of my day. Even though that first five minutes is so painstakingly hard, I’m in love with that feeling of being ready to face my day.


When my game is on, here is how morning is done like a pro…

Step One– This is the hardest and more critical. Take a deep breath and get out of your warm, soft haven of rest. Be like Nike, Just Do It.

Step Two– After you take care of the necessities, walk into the kitchen and grab your favorite coffee mug. For me, my coffee cup is like  a good outfit, it’s got to be cute and comfy, but mostly comfy.

Step Three– Take your liquid, caffeinated, heaven and sit down anywhere that you can put your feet up. (Just because you are transitioning to being awake, doesn’t mean your body has to fully commit.)

Step Four– Read. For me, I start with my Bible, a short devotional read, then a chapter of whatever book I’m working through. (Right now I’m reading Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst.) This is the step that renews and inspires me for the day.

Step Five– If you are any other type of personality than A you can skip this step. 😉 I pull out my handy-dandy planner and look over my to-do list and goals for the day. That way, at the end of my day the nerd in me can check off all the things I got accomplished.

Step Six– (Hopefully the kids are still in bed) Take a shower/prayer time, and put some jeans on. If you’re feeling extra motivated and classy, slap a little make-up on and a shiny pair of earrings.

Step Seven– Put your shoulders back and walk out of the bathroom on cloud nine, because you have just done morning like a pro!


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What does your ‘Morning like a pro’ look like?



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  1. Hi Jessica, I love your morning like a pro post! Step one is the hardest, all snuggled up and then bam out of bed. I also have to grab my cutesy coffee mug and get caffinated. I need to work on early morning reading , but I get my shower sometimes the night before. I figure out what I will wear (it’s so hard!) Then get kids up . I got 2 still in diaper and nighttime diaper. I try to look my best before leaving house with them (they go to daycare) and the day begins! Thank you so much , huggs, Terri❤

  2. Oh if only I could be this disciplined!! Mornings I just roll out of bed in a daze for the first hour or so… my gold alone time is after kids go to bed!! They seem to have a radar for me waking up, so any early waking plans are always foiled… Maybe when my littles get less little I’ll return to my early bird self!! ❤️

  3. It will get better. My kids are 8 and 10 and it’s only been in the past year that they have been willing to get out of bed without also making us get up with them. (My oldest is a morning person, and a very light sleeper, so I got up early, she would too.) But eventually you’ll get there – promise cross my heart!

  4. Love these! I do the same now that my baby is finally sleeping through the night and oh how I’ve missed it. Only thing I add to my morning routine is that I make my bed! A made bed makes all the difference to me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Step one is the hardest;my babies have branded me “Elsa”(from the frozen movie) that we have watched over a million times….. Usually i do step 4 next because it’s a mad house once i step out of my room. Thank you Jessica, you are seriously reading every mama’s mind on this one. It’s like an automated cartoon movie in my mind (into every one’s window to their morning routine).

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