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Mini Wood Slice Ornaments DIY

Continuing on our ornament-making tradition, we have added these cute, one-word small wood ornaments to our collection. Last year the wood slice ornaments were a big hit, so we decided to make a mini version this year using the smaller wood rounds and a simple one-word svg design. Other than that, we kept the look…

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Four Seasons Tree Craft and Writing Activity

One of the best and most simple ways to teach the four seasons is to have kids observe the deciduous trees as they change throughout the year. Today I’m sharing our four seasons tree craft and writing activity. First, go outside But before we get started, go outside. Whatever season you are in, have your…

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DIY Christmas Wood Sign Ornaments

We are getting a head start on our ornament tradition this year because I have a few different ones I want to try. The first one: Christmas wood sign ornaments are done! So far, we are pleased with how they turned out. Christmas Wood Crafts I love wood ornaments, wood crafting, and Christmas wood decor….

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Parts of an Apple Craft

Here is a fun, little, parts of an apple craft we did with our kids. Stick around to find out where to get the template download and how we used this craft to learn more about apples in our homeschool. What are the parts of an apple? This activity focuses on teaching the stem, leaf,…