A No-Nonsense Cure for Hiccups

The secret to curing hiccups is a spoonful of peanut butter, but whatever you do don’t tell your kids. I know it sounds mean, but unless they are ready for that information, take it from me, just let them ride it out.

I think there was a clause in the mommy manual that I somehow missed. The one that states: do not disclose the peanut butter cure until the proper season of age-appropriateness.

Let me translate by means of my reality…

I made the mistake of fixing a common bout of hiccups today only to discover that it caused self-induced, recurrent episodes among certain peanut butter-loving, two-year-olds in my house.

A few spoonfuls into the round and I was starting to catch on to the wheels turning under that mischievous red hair…hiccups equal peanut butter.

It really was quite brilliant. I was impressed, but it was one of those short-lived, proud moments, followed by a ‘we need to fix this right now before he passes out from trying to inhale too much air’ moment, or better yet, gets clogged with excessive amounts of peanut butter.

I put my big-mommy pants on, twisted the lid closed, and put the peanut butter jar away.

My gesture was quickly acknowledged as his little chubby face disagreed most emphatically, giving me the glorious poochie-lip and puppy eyes. (Which looked even more pathetic as he involuntarily meeped out his hiccups.)

There was a little part of me that felt cruel for withholding relief from his self-induced, spasmodic diaphragm, but I quickly reasoned it was for the greater good. I can’t have him doing weird human tricks for food. I have bigger dreams for him.  😉

Lesson learned: let them suffer a little. It’s ok.

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  1. That is so cute of your child and brilliant of you. My son likes pedialyte but it is not for everyday. He started to act stomach ache. We had to take the greater-good kind of strategy just like you. 🙂 Great post!

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