The App Every Parent Needs

Yesterday, I had a load of laundry that needed folded and all three of my children were trying to climb into the basket as I was trying to pull stuff out of the basket. I sat them down on the couch next to me and gave them my phone so they would watch a ten minute Bible story while I frantically folded clothes. Enter the Parent Cue App! (The app every parent needs) Read More

Happy National Sibling’s Day

Happy National Sibling’s Day! I love learning about other people’s families…what they look like, how they function, and all the juicy details of their particular unit.

I met a lovely Korean lady a while back who shared that she came from a large family with eleven kids. Her eyes twinkled as she spoke fondly of her upbringing. She told of how her culture, during the time of her childhood, favored sons over daughters, primarily because they were the bread-winners. Her parents kept trying for boys but kept getting girls… Read More

DIY Diaper Wipes and Solution

Lets talk about DIY diaper wipes and solution. I shouldn’t have, but I did…I went to EWG’s cosmetic database and looked at the ingredients in the Huggies Natural diaper wipes we have been using on our kids. DMDM Hydantoin? Methylparben? Polysorbate-20? Although they rated only moderately-toxic they pose viable risks for allergies, immunotoxicity, endocrine disruption, and so on… Read More