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15 Ways to Put the ‘Thanks’ Back in Your Thanksgiving

Let’s talk about 15 ways to put the ‘Thanks’ back in your Thanksgiving’.

With Thanksgiving this week we all have turkey on the mind. Except me, pie is on mine. My mom gave me pie-making duty for the big day. Which in anyone else’s world may be simple, but for twenty people?

Ladies, let’s get real, I’m no Paula Dean. I’m doing my best to get everyone’s favorites and calculate how much we’ll need so I don’t end up with a crazy load of leftovers. I’ve been scouring Pinterest and texting my sisters for their recipes. This whole pie thing has become quite consuming. Fun. But consuming.

In the back of my mind, I have these little thoughts and ideas to bring the “thanks” back into my holiday. Such as sitting down and making a list of 100 things I’m thankful for, doing a thankful countdown with the kids, or memorizing scripture on gratefulness. Yet pie is all that’s getting done.


So, I am resolving to put the pies in the oven and make some room for some serious thanks this week. My goal is to do at least five of acts of intentional thanksgiving.

Ways to Put the ‘Thanks’ Back in Your Thanksgiving

  1. Take a morning devotion time this week and truly thank God for all his blessings.
  2. Find a sweet way to thank your spouse for his hard work, faithfulness, love, etc.
  3. When you tuck your kids in bed, thank them for the joy they bring into your life.
  4. Do a small craft with the kids to get them engaged in the thankfulness.
  5. Think of someone who has done something kind for you recently and write them a hand-written thank you card.
  6. Teach your kids about the origin of Thanksgiving Day by checking out some cool library books on the topic.
  7. Invite someone to join your table for Thanksgiving.
  8. Make some conversation cards for the big meal.
  9. Send a ‘thanks for being such a great friend’ text, with a little blow-a-kiss emoji, to your mommy friends.
  10. Make an extra dessert for each of your neighbors.
  11. Buy some Thanksgiving-type groceries for the homeless shelter.
  12. Memorize a scripture as a family. (Here are a few short ones that would be great for small kids: Ps. 95:2, Ps. 106:1, or Ps. 147:7)
  13. Sit around with the kids and have them generate a list of things and people they are thankful for.
  14. Take a walk in nature, clearing your mind of clutter and filling it with thankfulness
  15. Call your parents and/or siblings and express how thankful you are for them.

What will you do to make this week meaningful?  

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