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Letter F Words for Kids

Hoping to find some F words for kids? If so, I’ve got a fabulous and free list of favorable words that begin with F for you to feasibly look through.

With words like farm, fawn, fence, and feet we have plenty of word choices for preschool and kindergarten. After that, we got words like flower, facet, and faith for elementary school.

And lastly, we are going to be tackling some big F words for upper elementary to middle school students that includes words like fallacy, fervent, and flabbergasted.

The Sounds of F

To make the /f/ sound as in: family, for, and fee, you place your upper teeth lightly on your bottom lip and send a stream of air out. The /f/ sound is unvoiced, meaning that you do not use your voice box to make this sound, it is only air.

There are also two letter F blends, and these are fr and fl.

The Sound of F:

  • /f/ as in: frog, fun, farm

Note: There are some letter combinations that make the /f/ sound. These include:

  • ff – as in: puffin and muffin
  • gh – as in: laugh and enough
  • ffe – as in: giraffe and chauffeur
  • ph – as in: phone and photo

Easy Letter F Words for Preschool

As preschoolers work on letter recognition and the sounds that go with each letter, here are some useful letter F words for preschoolers that can learn.

Note: for more practice with learning letters, and sounds check out these two printable resources:  Preschool Learning Folder and the Preschool Daily Skill Builder)

Easy Letter F Words for Preschool:

  • Fish – The fish swam quickly through the water.
  • Fat – Our we have a fat, brown cat that sleeps in our barn.
  • Fur – Our dog has long, shaggy, black fur.
  • Fox – The fox was clever.
  • Fork – I ate my piece of apple pie with a fork.
  • Frog – The frog hopped onto the log.
  • Five – Our cat had five kittens.
  • Farmer – Farmer Brown has fifteen chickens.
  • Fun – Swimming is a fun activity.
  • Food – My favorite food is banana cream pie.
  • Four – I will be turning four years old next month.
  • Flower – I gave my mother a pink flower.
  • Fast – The dog ran fast to catch up with his owner.
  • Finger – I smashed my finger in the car door last week.
  • Flag – We have a flag pole outside of our school.
  • Find – Will you help me find my glasses?

F Words for Kindergarten

As your kindergartners expand their repertoire of words that begin with F, its still a good idea to stick with simple and familiar f words for kindergarten.

Note: For more practice with letter recognition and early reading, check out the printable Kindergarten Daily Skill Builder.

Words that begin with F for Kindergarten:

  • Fix – My dad said he would help me fix my bike.
  • Five – My little sister if five years old.
  • Fire – The fire was very hot.
  • Fence – We have a fence around our yard to keep our dogs in.
  • Family – There are six people in our family.
  • Face – She had the face of an angel.
  • Feed – Please do not feed the horses.
  • Friend – Megan is my best friend.
  • Field – There were two horses in the field next to our house.
  • Fan – I have a fan in my bedroom for when I get too hot.
  • Fall – I hope I don’t fall out of the tree.
  • Feet – My feet are itchy.
  • For – This gift is for you and your mom.
  • Farm – We raise pigs on our farm.
  • Fry – I helped my mom fry the bacon for breakfast.
  • Football – I like to play football with my cousins.
  • Firetruck – The firetruck was bright red and had a siren.
  • Forest – Bears and raccoons live in the forest.
  • Fishing – I hope to go fishing with my grandpa this summer.
  • Fairy- Cinderella had a fairy god mother.
  • Fold – I like to help my mother fold the clothes and put them away.
  • Free – The sign said that everything on the table is free.

Sight Words that end with F for Kindergarten:

  • Leaf – I found a red and purple leaf.
  • Deaf – My sister has been deaf since birth.
  • Scarf – I like to wear a scarf around my neck in the winter.
  • Stuff – My mom asked me to take my stuff to my room
  • Puff – She blew out the candle with a puff of air.
  • Fluff – I like to fluff my curls in the morning.

Three Letter F Words for Beginning Readers

It is a good idea to go over three letter f words that you can use with your early readers. Here are some of the more common three letter F words they can practice on:

Three letter F Words for Kids

  • Fad
  • Fab
  • Fan
  • Far
  • Fig
  • Fop
  • Fit
  • Fun
  • Fix
  • Fog
  • Fin
  • For
  • Fat
  • Fox
  • Fur

Four letter F Words for Kids

Moving on, here are some practical four letter F words for your beginning readers:

  • Frog
  • Flap
  • Flaw
  • Feud
  • Fond
  • Foam
  • Fled
  • Fold
  • Folk
  • Flag
  • Five
  • Font
  • Flop
  • Flea
  • Fret
  • Fist
  • Fork
  • Flew
  • Fame
  • Farm
  • Fish
  • Find
  • Fowl
  • Flax
  • Fant
  • Fest
  • Flex
  • Fury
  • Fuel
  • File
  • Fair
  • Foot
  • Film
  • Foal
  • Fume
  • Faux
  • Fawn
  • Feat
  • Flip
  • Flow
  • Food
  • Fund
  • Fire
  • Fact
  • Fuzz
  • Fore
  • Four
  • Fuss
  • Fade
  • Foil
  • Fine
  • Fast
  • Fall
  • Face
  • Free

F Words List for Elementary Students

Now onto some fantastic F words for elementary students! What other F words would you add to this list?

Note: For the F word definitions, word at the beginning of each sentence. These definitions are linked to either  Dictionary.com or Merriam-Webster.com.

Words that begin with F for Elementary Students:

  • Fad – Bell bottom jeans are just a passing fad.
  • Fox – A fox has built her den in our backyard.
  • Fur – Our dog’s fur is shiny and clean.
  • Fly – I watched a bird fly over the trees.
  • Fig – My grandma knows how to make a fig pie.
  • Full – My glass was full of fresh milk.
  • Flip – I know how to do a back flip on a trampoline.
  • Fish – The lake is full of fish.
  • Fast – We chose fast food for dinner because we were in a rush to get to practice.
  • Food – The party table was full of delicious looking food.
  • Flap – The toddler liked to lift the flaps in her book to see the pictures underneath.
  • Five – There are five truffles left.
  • Farm – We saw pigs and goats when we visited the farm.
  • Funny – My cousins like to tell funny jokes.
  • Fail – Sometimes my projects fail.
  • Fairy – Cinderella’s fairy god mother helped her get to the royal ball.
  • Felt – She made an ornament using felt and buttons.
  • Fort – We made a fort from logs and branches we found in the forest.
  • Fine – I am fine, thank you.
  • Free – The item on the curb was free.
  • Fudge – My grandpa makes peanut butter fudge every year for the holidays.
  • Fries – I would like fries with my burger.
  • Fridge – Please put the freshly picked lettuce in the fridge.
  • Fang – The animal’s fangs sunk into its prey.
  • Frost – There was frost on the windows.
  • Flower – He gave her a flower for her birthday.
  • Fruit – Bananas are my favorite fruit.
  • Forgive – I will forgive you for lying to me.
  • Favor – Do me a favor, and fold the laundry.
  • Freedom – Freedom and honor are worth fighting for.
  • Flexible – My schedule is flexible.
  • Faith – I have faith that he will do what he said he would do.
  • Fragrant – I love fragrant, red roses.
  • Friend – Beth is my best friend.
  • Festive – The room looked festive and bright.
  • Favorite – My favorite food is pizza.
  • Fabric – The fabric was soft and silky.
  • Feast – We will have a feast for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Field – The field was full of wild daisies.
  • Fuel – I am concerned about rising fuel prices.
  • Foam – The sea foam lingered on the beach.
  • Fence – My dad is planning on fixing the fence this weekend.
  • First – She was first in line to receive her reward.
  • Fist – He made a tight fist like he wanted to punch something.
  • Flag – The flag blew proudly in the wind.
  • Flute – I played the flute for band.
  • Focus – I need to focus on the task at hand.
  • Finance – He plans to finance the whole wedding.
  • Fair – The judge’s ruling was fair.
  • Fresh – My mom put fresh sheets on my bed.
  • Fabulous – I had a fabulous time swimming with my friends.

Advanced F Words for Kids

For your students who enjoyed big vocabulary words, here are some advanced words that begin with F. These F word choices can be used for upper elementary aged students to middle school and beyond.

Advanced Words that begin with F for Upper Elementary Students:

  • Fantastic – Tim got a fantastic report from his teacher.
  • Fulfilling – Helping the poor is both rewarding and fulfilling.
  • Favorable – She was hoping for a favorable outcome.
  • Flawless – Her skin and nails were flawless for the ball.
  • Flabbergasted – I was flabbergasted that she lied to me.
  • Foreshadow – The book seems to foreshadow what is on the political horizon.
  • Fallacy – He perceived fallacy in her response.
  • Fervent – He whispered a fervent prayer for her health.
  • Firmament – The stars shown brightly in the firmament.
  • Factual – His report was both interesting and factual.
  • Fabricate – Please do not fabricate the circumstance.
  • Finesse – She was full of charm and finesse.

Nouns That Start with Letter F

If you are looking for nouns that start with F, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few F word lists that includes food, animals, places, and objects that begin with the letter F.

Foods that start with F:

  • Falafel
  • Fig
  • French fries
  • Fruit
  • Flapjacks
  • Fettuccini
  • Fritters
  • Fish
  • Frog
  • Frankfurters
  • French Bread
  • Flounder
  • Fennel
  • Fruitcake
  • Fungi
  • Fish Sticks
  • Feta Cheese
  • Flatbread
  • Focaccia
  • Frozen Yogurt
  • Flax seed
  • Frosting
  • Fudge
  • Fried Rice

Animals that start with F:

  • Frog
  • Fly
  • Flea
  • Fire ant
  • Fox
  • Flamingo
  • Fish
  • Firefly
  • Fox Terrier
  • Flying Squirrel
  • Fur Seal
  • Finch

Places that start with F:

  • Fiji
  • France
  • Fresno
  • Finland
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Frankfort
  • Florida
  • Fredericksburg

Objects that start with F:

  • Fabric
  • Fairy
  • Falcon
  • Fan
  • Farm
  • Frog
  • Frankfurter
  • Flower
  • Fox
  • Felt
  • Fern
  • Ferret
  • Fiddle
  • Film
  • Funnel
  • Fur
  • Flute
  • Fossil
  • Finger
  • Fins
  • Fish
  • Flag
  • Flamingo
  • Frisbee
  • Fruit
  • Fondue
  • Fort
  • Flannel
  • Flapjack
  • Flashlight
  • Fleece
  • Flour
  • Frame
  • Freckle
  • Fork
  • Fungus

Activities That Help to Teach Words that Begin with F

(This list of ideas contains Amazon Affiliate Links.)

  • Read Books that Showcase The Letter F – Find books that have one or two repeating words that begin with F throughout the book. This way, kids get familiar with seeing and reading F words. A couple letter F books that our family enjoys are Fritz and the Beautiful Horses by Jan Brett and Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.
  • Do a Letter F Craft that Highlights a Word That Begins with F – Perhaps you can get some glue and patriotic colored card stock and make your country’s flag. Or collect some flowers from around your year and learn how to press flowers into a book. And as you create, talk about the letter F, the sound it makes, and then, brainstorm other F words and crafts you could make to go along with them.
  • Put together a F word collage – Using old magazines, have your students flip through to find objects or words that begin with the letter F. Next, have them cut those objects and words and paste them to a poster board. They can then write or label the pictures. When your students are finished with their collage, have them share the letter F words they were able to find.

Free Printable F Words for Kids Activity Pack 

And now for the free F Words for Kids Learning Pack! This printable educational resource includes letter F vocabulary words, tracing cards, handwriting pages, and a full F words list for kids. For access, join the Inspire the Mom Community and sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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