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Picture Books about Colors

Looking for some fun picture books about colors? If so, I’ve got a great list of wonderful books about colors to get you started!

Most of these books about colors are geared toward  2-4 year olds, but my older kids still found most of them enjoyable as well.

Our favorite from this list is probably Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors by Lisa McCue. (Although, Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear has been memorized and quoted by all my kids at some point.)

Picture Books about Colors

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Painting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

Learn the colors while you follow a mother and daughter plant a rainbow-array of seeds in their garden. Then watch as their garden bursts into a bunch of bright colorful blooms.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle

“Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?” “I see a red bird looking at me” -This is the general dialog of the book. Its simple but is great for learning animals and colors. We read this book so many times that our kids had it memorized.

Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton

This is a fun and silly picture book about colors. Each character displays their colorful outfits while the turkey can’t seem to get his quite right (oops!)

Red is a Dragon By Roseanne Thong

This book is about a girl finding colors throughout her daily life: red watermelon, yellow taxis, green toads, etc. I also like that this book highlights some beautiful aspects of Chinese and Japanese culture.

Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors by Lisa McCue

Quiet bunny loves all the colors of spring, so much so, that he tries to change the color of his fur (rolling in blueberries, covering in red mud, yellow honey, etc) It isn’t until he learns from a wise owl that all the colors (including his own) are what makes the world beautiful. The illustrations are so bright and beautiful in this book, and my kids loved when I read this one to them.

Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds

Marisol loves color and loves to paint. When she is asked to paint a mural she realizes she doesn’t have any blue paint for the sky. The she uses her creativity to solve the problem.

The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle

In this book a little green chameleon wishes he could be like the fox, seal, or flamingo, but soon realizes he likes who he is. There are lots of color words sprinkled throughout this book and it is an easy read for preschoolers.

Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin

If your kids enjoy monsters, chaotic colors, and preschool scribbles they will probably enjoy this book. We enjoyed reading through this book, but we probably won’t revisit this one.

A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni

This is a wonderful little book about colors and the importance of friendship. With its colorful illustrations and sweet message, we found this book to be a nice read.

How Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors by Jane Yolen

If your kids enjoy the other Dinosaur books by Jane Yolen, they will probably enjoy this one too. While its a board book, it does have the Dino charm that the others do (all while learning about colors).

Bear Sees Colors By Karma Wilson

Mouse and bear are walking and they see…blue! Then all the rest of the colors too. The friendly, bright-colored illustrations make this book.

Little Green Peas by Keith Baker

We loved this book. The little green peas explore the colorful world around them. While this book didn’t have a ton of words, the illustrations were playful and full of color.

Red House Tree House by Jane Goodwin

Rhyming and fun, this is a great little book about colors for preschoolers. This bright and happy book gave me some Dr. Suess vibes as we were reading it.

Favorite Picture Books About Colors for Preschool

Wondering what our favorite picture books about colors for preschoolers are? Here are some of our favorite books about colors for kids (from the above list) that are short and sweet for preschoolers. The titles in this list are linked to thriftbooks.com which is one of my favorite thrifty sites to purchase discounted books.


This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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  1. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for all the book options, will be great for our 3 year old! I like the build a bear option too. How was your Christmas and new years ? We had a lovely time at my in-laws for Christmas and the kids as you would expect had so much fun. I didn’t stay awake long enough to ring in the new year. Our little guy likes someone to lay with him at night and he was late going down , 10pm. So I fell asleep also and woke at 12.20 am ! I still got my new years kiss in afterwards , hehe! Have a lovely 2019 Dear , thanks for the support this past year, hugs, Terri xo.

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      1. Haha , we both rang it in in our sleep until you got woken by fireworks! Aww that is a sweet comment you made, we are on this journey together and I am blessed to know you Jessica! Happy Friday , Terri xo.

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