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Printable Telling Time Learning Folder

Reading the analog clock is a necessary life skill, but not necessarily the easiest one to learn. The concepts needed to tell time can be complex for little ones, involving things like counting, skip counting, fractions, and more. Today I’m sharing a printable telling time learning folder. 

Jovie started on this skill last year as we were working through her math book. We spent about a week on the concepts of am/pm, counting by fives, and the basic functions of the clock.

This year, I want to give her a little extra practice and really get her feeling comfortable with telling time.

The best way I know to do this, is to give her a hands-on, resource that she can learn from, and practice with. (Something more than just a week of workbook pages in her math book.)

analog clock


Telling Time Learning Folder


One of my favorite ways to teach a big subject like this is to have all the knowledge I need in one place and presented in a comprehensive and cohesive manner.

While I’m glad that she will be touching on telling time for the next couple years in her math courses,  I really like the thought of her learning the skill and growing in it.


The binder is organized into four sections:

Getting to Know the Clock
Hours and Minutes
Half Past and Quarter To
Review and Practice

Within each section there are:

Explain it cards: these explain the concepts she will be learning within that section.
Practice and Demonstration: These are interactive pages that allow her to practice the concept over and over until she understands it.
Clock practice: these are exercise suggestions to be used on the “my clock” at the beginning of the binder for further practice and comprehension


* A video of the entire contents is HERE.




Download & Assembly


If you want to make one of these for your student, you can get the printable HERE.

I laminated each page, velcro-ed the coordinating pieces, then put the finished product into a three-ring binder.  You could keep the Explain-it cards separate or create pouches for your loose pieces, but I find that I prefer to keep it all together.

Materials Needed:



  • Print out the “Telling Time Learning Folder” printable
  • Laminate the pages and cut the pieces marked “laminate and cut”
  • Attach the pieces with clear velcro to their coordination pages.
  • Using the brad, connect the hour and minute hands to the clock.
  • Put in a one-inch binder

clock reading


Other Resources for Teaching Time


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