Healing My Body and Making it Habitable- My Natural Journey to Fertiltiy

I feel like I have met more and more women recently who are struggling with first or secondary infertility. I’m not sure if it’s because I have gone through it myself that I see it more or because it truly is becoming a more common issue among women in our generation. This is our natural journey to fertility.


We struggled with infertility for years. I was in and out of different doctors and was not getting any answers. Feeling sick and tired all the time, I had autoimmune problems, constant fatigue, and serious joint pain. I was in my upper twenties and I could not walk for more than a few minutes because my knees would hurt so bad.

A few different people, at different times, recommended that I go to this naturopathic doctor they had found and give him a try. Feeling skeptical, I had no previous experience with natural medicine. This was a completely foreign idea to me, but I was almost thirty and my biological clock was ticking fast. I was willing to try just about anything.

I prayed about the idea and waited.

After that,  I knew I had to go.

My first appointment was pretty awesome. The naturopath sat down and talked with me face to face for over an hour. This was the first doctor to really listen to me and that made a huge impression on me. He answered all my questions, and he explained to me that natural healing gets to the root of the problem rather than covering up the symptoms. He also told me that it was going to take time and he asked me to give it a year.

We decided to go all in, and commit to our journey of healing naturally for an entire year.

I had been stuck on the same hamster wheel of nonproductive, impersonal doctor visits that felt like they were going nowhere. I would have tests done then wait by the phone for some random doctor to call and give me my next diagnosis (if they ever returned my phone calls). It was constantly discouraging.

But now with this new doctor, my outlook began to change. I don’t know how to describe it in any other way, but this journey was a gift. I felt like I had something to work towards, a new purpose, and a goal. With the help of this doctor, I felt empowered to work on my own health rather than waiting for someone else to fix me.

I felt like I was not just praying anymore for God to give me a baby, I was stepping out in faith believing He would.

With Mr. Coppertop’s full, loving support we went into this together. We checked out books from the library on natural medicine and nutrition, we learned about autoimmune diseases and gut health, we tried new recipes, talked to people, went to all the appointments, and prayed a lot.

In the next post, I’m going to share some of the specific things we did. But here’s a little hint as to the outcome…

I am a mother to three…three beautiful kids.journey to fertility


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    1. Cheila, you are such a sweetheart! Every time I read your comments they make me smile. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Hope you have an awesome day. <3

  1. Thank you for your story Jessica, now you have 3 beautiful gifts from God , Faith and trust in God has got you to where you are today. Have a beautiful weekend Dear, Hugs, Terri. xoxo.

  2. Love those little pink baby toes. I totally believe in natural medicines and I do know they work – I have been using them for decades. I truly think God has put natural things on this earth that will heal most of our health problems.

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