(Part 2) Healing My Body and Making it Habitable-My Natural Journey to Fertility

Make sure you read my last post introducing our natural journey to fertility. I’m not a doctor, this is just my story…


If you missed it, here is part one of this natural journey to fertility.

Before I talk about the different natural methods we tried,  let me share the results:

Three months into this natural thing, I got pregnant for the first time. (I had never had a positive pregnancy test in any of the previous years.) I miscarried. We were devastated. But at the same time it gave me hope that my body might actually be able to work.rhmdksklfja-mario-trunz

Around the same time, I noticed that my joints we starting to heal. Mr. Coppertop and I had a long bike path that we had loved to walk, but had been unable to for a long time, because of my knees. We walked the entire path without any pain. It was just over two miles. That was huge for me.

(This is going to get a little tmi.) For as long as I could remember I was sick to my stomach and had headaches everyday. I took ibuprofen regularly to cope. Going days without going to the bathroom and when I did, there was usually blood involved.

I was sick.

Around the four month mark, I could tell my body was starting to heal. It was life-changing. I started to wake up with energy, I was using the bathroom regularly, and the blood was completely gone.

Five months into our natural journey I got pregnant with our first born.

If you ever wonder why I seem a little over the top with the natural route. This is why. It worked for me. It changed the whole course of my life. I now have three…THREE kids. And for the most part, I am healthy and feeling good. (Way better than I ever felt in my twenties!)

For those of you who are curious about what this looked like,

here is what my year to natural healing involved…



Chiropractic Adjustments

He took X-rays and found that I had been living with quite a few things out of place. He adjusted a rib and a collarbone that was out of place. (I had always had a pain under my arm, that was constant and dull. When he put my rib back in place, that pain was gone almost immediately. I was in awe to say the least.)

He also adjusted my tilted uterus, which he informed me later could have been a large contributing factor to my inability to conceive.

He was also able to balance my spine, and get me started on a regular schedule of wellness adjustments.




On my very first appointment he performed an Electrodermal screening, as well as muscle testing on me. From the results, he set me up on a regimen of supplements and oils to take daily. Things like magnesium, Evening Primrose Oil, Probiotics, B-complex, and more.




Since this was our year of committed natural health, we did a complete overhaul with our food and drink choices. We cut out processed foods, gluten, and sugar. I also replaced all my sugary drinks with an abundance of water. We quit eating out all the time, and opted for healthier homemade options at home. We started packing our own lunches, and were able to make a lot better food choices.

Also, we made a point to get more sleep by turning off the tv and going to bed at an earlier hour.



Getting Rid of Toxins

This included chemicals I was slathering all over my skin and hair to seemingly harmless air fresheners I plugged into the wall or the car. I replaced cleaners, creams, and soaps with simple and identifiable-ingredient alternatives.



NAET Treatments

(Nabudripads Allergy Elimination Treatments: A natural, non-invasive solution to alleviate allergies using the a combination of natural sciences including energy balancing, acupressure, nutrition, and muscle testing.) These were so instrumental in restoring my overall health. I had the basic fifteen done, and a handful of others. Allergies I had fought with my whole life, were no longer a problem. (I have some pretty amazing stories to tell about these…but more on that later…)



Prayer and Faith

This journey took a lot of courage and discipline. I learned and grew a lot during this time. There were days I wanted to quit and days I completely failed. Many days I got frustrated and impatient, but sticking to this commitment was an act of faith for me. I had no idea if these things were going to work; I was trusting that God would bless. And He did.



Your story will not be exactly like mine, but perhaps some of this information can give you some hope or point you in a direction that will benefit your future and your family. Praying for all my mama friends who are still waiting!




What has your natural journey to fertility looked like?

Healing My Body and Making it Habitable-2

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  1. Great. See everything in here to help the unhealthy get well. Have my medicine cabinet full of essential oils, natural supplements, everything from nature – and it truly does help a person gain their health back. Good post.

  2. Mine was not infertility but osteoporosis. Having many of the risk factors and trying to be proactive about it, I was doing the recommended work but was at risk for fracture at a very early age. I,too, had to go the natural medicine route to find the cause and treat it. It took many yrs. but am still recovering. I did many of the same treatments you did and did have results. I felt better at 60 than I did at 50. Thanks for sharing your story and giving hope.

    1. That is an awesome story! So glad you shared! I felt weird to say that I feel better NOW than I did in my twenties, but you totally get it! Its a life changer! I love hearing these kinds of stories. 🙂

  3. Awww. I always feel strongly for Mamas with infertility. I watched my favorite aunt suffer to the point of loosing her life in the process. And yes I know it’s real, it’s painful and encouragement is needed. Thank you Jessica for talking about it and being that mama that others can look at and regain courage and hope.?

  4. What an amazing story! Yes, it is overwhelming how many women struggle with infertility. I do think the typical modern lifestyle is not healthy and is detrimental to healthy fertility. I’ve known people with similar stories to yours (such as conceiving after a decade of secondary infertility after doing a Whole30 lifestyle change). I’m so happy for you that you’re so much healthier and were able to conceive your three beautiful children!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Jessica, I’ve always found your story inspiring. I hope others reading this will decided to give natural healing a chance. You know my basic story, but I’ll share the nutshell version here for others. My degree is in exercise science and I was a personal fitness trainer for many years. I lived a much healthier lifestyle than the majority and “looked” healthy on the outside but I was still plagued with horrible IBS symptoms, chronic fatigue, constant yeast infections, and joint pain. About 3-4 months into our marriage, my husband really pushed and encouraged me to seek help again. I had given up on visiting doctors because they would take one look at me (a trainer who had competed in fitness shows) and say things like, “You can’t possibly be as sick as you think you are.” This was not helping and so I just struggled on. Then Mr. Research (aka my husband) found a book and some online recourses all about natural healing for your digestive system. We already were not eating much processed “food” so that part was easy. We cut out all dairy, sugar (even most fruit sugar), most grains for a while, pork, coffee, juice, etc. We then added more water, a bunch of different oils, supplements, and spices, lighter exercise, more yoga, more chiropractic adjustments, and more sleep. Within 4 months I had completely transformed my health and never looked back! I don’t know if I would have had fertility issues since we were not trying yet, but 5 months into this I got pregnant on our first attempt. Now its 5 years later with a preschooler, toddler, and baby on the way and I still have more energy then I did before kids. Also have virtually no IBS issues, joint pain or yeast infections! Needless to say I now push this life changing information on my family and current clients. ? Thanks for sharing your story. I know it will be helpful for a lot of people.

    1. I love your story! Thanks for sharing! (I’m so glad we have been able to swap stories, I know I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas from you and your fitness and natural background!) Miss you, Friend!

  6. We tried so hard to hove our fist born, with two back to back miscarriages and even sought help from a fertility doc because I was 40. Then had two back to back babies naturally getting pregnant. Patience helps! I know how devastating it can be but don’t lose hope to anyone who is trying. Pray too.

    1. I found mine by word of mouth. A few people that I new had gone to see him and were experiencing good things. We’ve since moved, when I look for a natural type doctor, I like to find a place that specializes in a few different areas like chiropractic, accupressure, NAET, nutrition..etc Also a place that comes with good testimonials. 🙂 Best of luck on your search! <3

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