How to Successfully Declutter Your Homeschool

It’s the beginning of a new year and I am looking forward to do another homeschool declutter. I’m also sharing a few printables to help get the job done.

I’ve shared before that we are a small space homeschool family and how we organize in the dining room and the other areas to keep it from taking over the house.  One way we’ve learned to maintain this minimal homeschooling is by regularly decluttering.


two page printable homeschool declutter


Benefits of Doing a Homeschool Declutter

  • Creates an inspiring learning space.
  • Allows for a relaxing space once the school day is over.
  • Helps the homeschool daily rhythm to flow without distraction and needless searching.
  • Keeps the homeschool supplies easy to find.
  • Makes homeschool record keeping much more attainable.


How to Declutter your Homeschool

Depending on the size of you homeschool and how much stuff you have, you may be able to do this in an entire day or it might take a month. Keeping in min,  that once you have done the initial declutter, maintaining it should take a lot less time. 

  1. Plan what you want the finished product to look and feel like. 
  2. Pick a category to begin with and start there.  The KonMari decluttering method suggests that it’s better to work in categories rather than locations. Not only does this make the process more manageable, it makes it much more feasible for busy moms.
  3. Pull it all out. By doing this, we are able to really see what we have and to clearly think about the items in front of us.
  4. Throw away the trash. 
  5. Assess each item. Is it being used regularly or is it just taking up space?



Homeschool Declutter Categories

1.Office Supplies- First, office supplies. This includes things like pencils, pens, glue, tape…you get the point. These items are typically used daily, and can make their way all over the house.  Decluttering looks like throwing the seventeen white colored pencils out, and facing the fact that you don’t really need five staplers.

2. Books– This is where is gets a little dicey, because we homeschool families, love our books. But the reality is, if is not being read, we don’t need to store it. A simple rule could be, keep what is loved and pass along the rest to others who will use them.

homeschool declutter books


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” -Vincent Von Gogh


3. Technology-  This includes things like extra cords, unused printers, binding machines, laminators and other glories devices that we use to make our homeschool lives easier. The only problem is, over time, this area needs a true purging.  

homeschool declutter of machines and devices

4.Supplies- I used this general term for loose items like manipulatives, old science kits, and miscellaneous craft supplies. Don’t hold onto leftover supplies from used curriculum or kits. 


“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain


5.Curriculum- It’s ok to store curriculum that you won’t need this year but will in the future. That’s not what we are talking about. If the curriculum is unused or has no plans of being used,  it should be sold or donated.

homeschool declutter curriculum

6.Paper- go through the paper stash. Loose papers, completed papers, printer, cardstock, contruction…you name it. Decide what you truly use and chuck the rest. It feels good, trust me.

7. Storage Containers- Lastly, storage containers. It seems paradoxical to declutter something used for organizing, but alas, we needlessly hold on to homeschool organization supplies too. Storage containers can include things like homeschool furniture, shelves, caddy’s, and bins. The goal is, to keep the ones that are helping to organize and donate the others.



7 Things You Can Do With Decluttered Homeschool Books and Supplies

What do I do with my old homeschool curriculum? or how do I get rid of homeschool books? Inevitably, these are questions that always come up when we declutter. The good news is, there are options!

1. Give them away: My mom had a basement full of old homeschool curriculum and books. At one point, she let all of her daughters come and take whatever they wanted. Can anyone say Christmas? It was great.  Finding people that you can bless with your resources, in my opinion, is the best route to go. 

2. Sell on eBay: If you have some higher priced resources, eBay is a nice route to go. Basically, you list the item then ship it to the buyer and you’re done.  Additionally, you can group together series of books or just a handful of random books and sell it as one listing. Some of the possibilities you can do are picture books, unit books, and grade level books.


“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” Michael Jordan


3. Sell on Facebook: There are specific Facebook groups that are focused on sharing, exchanging and selling homeschool resources. Furthermore, Facebook marketplace might also be an option if you live in a homeschool dense area.

4. Exchange at Co-ops: Set up an exchange party with all the moms in your homeschool co-op. Similarly, let everyone take what they need and then donate the rest! 

5. Local Used Book Stores (consign) Depending on where you live in the country and what stores in your area, some may take trade-ins for store credit, or do some type of consignment arrangement with you. Furthermore, you could simply ask local book stores and see what they offer. 

6. Sell on Online Book Sites: You can sell your homeschool books on sites like Homeschool Classifieds, abehbooks, BookScouter, The Christian Curriculum Connection,  and Bookbyte.

7. Donate: If I had my choice of what to do with old homeschool books, it would be to either give them away or donate. Some of these places include, Goodwill, Salvation Army, or my neighbors garage sale…



FREE Homeschool Declutter Printables

Here are two printables to motivate you to finish the task of decluttering your homeschool. The first is a checklist and the other is a calendar for those who do better with a scheduled plan.

Homeschool Declutter Printables Download

two page printable homeschool declutter





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