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Daily Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

Do you have a kindergartener this year? Let’s talk about coming up with a workable Kindergarten homeschool schedule that works for your family.

I have a kindergarten this year, and I’m going to give you a sneak peak into what we do and how it works for us. Keep in mind, I have older children that I homeschool, as well, and what works for my family may not be what works for yours.

Also, schedules are great, they keep us on task and give us a much needed routine, but don’t get too attached to them. Because life happens and we need to be flexible as the needs of our family and homeschool change.

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Tips for Creating a Successful Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

Before we dive into what my family does. Lets talk tips for creating a successful kindergarten homeschool schedule.

Here are a few things that I have found to be very helpful to consider when you are trying to create a successful homeschool schedule for your kindergartener:

1. Know Your Family

Evaluate the current needs of your family. Is there a baby to consider? Or do you have older kids to homeschool as well? What is you child’s learning style and their ability to focus? Does your husband have a week day off instead of the weekend?

All of these factors will play a role in choosing a homeschool kindergarten schedule that will work well for your family.

The most important thing is to pick a routine and just stick with it. You can adjust it along the way, but make sure you show up every day. Homeschool is really only a success if we make it a daily habit.

2. Set Priorities

Think through the things you want to focus on for this school year. Where do you want to see your child a year from now?

Do you want them to be able to read a certain book or be able write their full name? Do you want them to explore certain topics or learn to tie their shoes?

Once you know your objectives, you are ready to make a homeschool kindergarten schedule that will make help you reach your goals a little bit every day.

3. Keep Kindergarten Lessons Short

Don’t plan out large blocks of time for kindergarten lessons. Plan to keep their lessons short and sweet. Have a clear focus and get straight to the point.

Keep in mind, this age group is still building their habit of attention and if your kids are bored or exasperated, then their learning is put on hold. (Approximately 5-20 minutes on one thing is usually sufficient.)

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4. Read Every Day

It has been statistically proven that children who are read to from an early age do better in academics throughout life, then those who were not.

Reading to your child makes such a huge impact and its so easy! When you create your schedule, make sure you leave time for reading. The best part is, it doesn’t even need to feel like school. Just make time in your schedule everyday to cuddle with your kindergartener and read them a handful of books.

NOTE: To get you started, I’ve got a Huge Free Picture Book List that is perfect for this age!

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6. Make Time to Play

Don’t underestimate the power of play. Kids process information through play. If you don’t believe me, listen to your kids while they play. They incorporate new words they’ve heard, movie characters, animal sounds, math problems, music, and the list goes on.

One of the best gifts of homeschooling a kindergartener is letting them be a kid. We can give them a few pointed lessons, then let them spend hours exploring outside, dressing up, or playing with their dolls.

Peter Gray said it best, “If we want our kids to have happy, productive, moral lives, we must allow more time for play, not less.”

Our Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

This is the schedule that we have for our family. Just a side note, this schedule starts early because my kids wake up super early. They always have and I’ve learned to roll with it. Also, these are just approximate time frames we work within, I don’t watch the clock all morning. We simply follow this flow.

Kindergarten homeschool schedule overview:

  • 6am – wake up
  • 7am – morning work (this is independent work, and piano practice)
  • 8am – breakfast, Bible/Devotional reading, and morning chores
  • 9am – table time (5-20 minutes lessons of math, language arts, handwriting, reading)
  • 10am – snack time then free play
  • 11am – anything we need to finish, science experiments, crafts, fun learning.
  • 12pm – Lunch time (read-aloud or audio book)
  • 1pm – Quiet time or outdoor play
  • 2pm – Reading

Our Kindergarten homeschool schedule breakdown:

6am – Wake Up

We are early risers and our kids are usually up between 6-6:30. After some cuddles and lounging around a bit, the kids get dressed and make their beds.

7am – Morning Time

Since our kids are up so early, it lends to some constructive learning time while my husband and I get ready and get breakfast on the table.

My kindergartner practices her piano songs, and then does some independent pages from her morning binder. This includes a copy work page, a math drill, and memory work (at the moment, she is memorizing her skip counting by 2’s and 3’s).

NOTE: In the past, we have also used this time to do a kindergarten morning basket.

8am – Breakfast

During breakfast we usually read from the Bible and sometimes a short devotional. Sometimes we also take this time to memorize a verse, learn a new habit, or practice a catechism. (Affiliate links)

After breakfast, each child has an assigned chore. Our kindergartener wipes off the counters in the bathroom.

9am – Table Time

Table time is when the kids and I sit down at the table and focus on our core subjects. My kindergartener sits right next to me and we do short, 5-20 minute lessons of reading, math, language arts, and handwriting.

If she gets done early and wants to keep going, I have activity bags, busy books, drawing books, or cross-stitch and crochet projects that she can work on while she sits next to me.

10am – Snack time and Free play

The kids break for snack and have some time to clear their minds and enjoy some free time.

11am – Finish school and extra learning

We take this time to finish any remaining school or do some of our loop subjects like science, history, or Spanish

12pm – Lunch Time (Read aloud or audio book)

While the kids eat lunch I will do a read aloud or play an audio book. Our kindergartener loves this time, just as much as the others even though the read aloud is typically a 3rd or 4th grade level chapter book.

1pm – Quiet Time or Outdoor Play

Our kids can pick a quiet activity like puzzles and games OR go outside to play. This gives me a minute to sit down, check a few emails, do some planning, possibly dinner prep, or catch up on housework.

2 pm – Reading

This is the time when we cuddle up and read together. I let my kindergartener pick a pile of her favorite picture books, or let her choose from our library haul. This is just a sweet time for us to connect and enjoy reading together.

Make Your Own Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

Of course you can find a schedule online that looks like it would work for your family and just go from there. In fact, you can use our printable kindergarten schedule.

OR, if you need something more specific to your family and you want to create your own, use the tips above and simply write up one of your own.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, you can jot it down on a post-it-note and try it out for a couple weeks, then adjust it as you go.

That is how our schedule evolved.

Through trial and error we’ve settled on the schedule we have for this year. However, I never get too attached to any schedule because in homeschool, flexibly is the name of the game.

Printable Kindergarten Homeschool Schedule

Want to get the free printable kindergarten homeschool schedule? You can get them here! (Please keep in mind, these resources are for personal use only!)  For Access to this freebie, Join the Inspire the Mom Community and sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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What does your homeschool kindergarten schedule look like?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I look forward to filling in our updated routine. I have had a hard time fine tuning the schedule for the three Littles. I like the time you have during quiet time/outdoor play. That would help me have a set time to check off a few to-do’s on my daily list earlier than I usually get to!

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