Caddy Options for Organizing Kid’s Art Supplies

Today I’m sharing different caddy options for organizing kid’s art supplies. Don’t you love that moment when you discover a new organizing hack or product that makes your life just a teensy bit more amazing? 

(Raising my hand) I do!

I’ve been continually irked by the kid’s art supply situation at our house. We have three kids under the age of five. Someone is always wanting crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, or paint.

I like our kids to have access to creative supplies, but we don’t have any extra space within our house for a designated art-center. Our kitchen table is it.

We were keeping individual pencil boxes for each of the kids, stored in a cabinet next to the kitchen table. I feel like this system would have merit if our kids were a little older, but these boxes have become my nemesis.

There are only about five feet from the table to the cabinet, but the containers seldom make it there in one piece. Much of the day has a path of crayons, and paint supplies that didn’t quite make it to their resting position.

Since we just wrapped up our refinishing project on the antique set of table and chairs, I thought it would be a great time to segue to a new system for the art supplies.




The Art Caddy

I know, this idea is far from original, but I got excited, thinking this could be a really good fit for us right now.

Our kitchen table is the hub for our home school as well as, art. So why not make a centerpiece of art supplies for the kiddos and just embrace our reality?

After doing just a little research, I realized…there are a ton of options (go figure), and being somewhat indecisive in nature,  it took me a little while to decide. I ended up going with a more rustic option to go with our new/old table.

It has six compartments that are fairly deep. I knew that the kids like their “own” crayons, so I found these perfect, removable tins so they could each have their own container. (I got both the caddy and tins from Hobby Lobby.)

The other slots are filled with colored pencils, watercolor paint, Mad Matter, scissors, and glue. (All of their go-to table fun.)

Let me just say. I’m a happy camper. The kids have easy access to all their supplies, everything stays on the table, and my floor and cabinet look less like a hurricane landing. (What more could I ask for?)

I looked a few different places before I settled on the one from Hobby Lobby. Here are some of the different caddy options from Amazon that also looked appealing…



Different Caddy Options:


 1. Clear

This would be a great, light weight option. I like that the container is clear and all the supplies are very visible for the kiddos.



 2. Bright Color

I like that this art centerpiece has removable compartments. This would fit really nice in a classroom/art room setting.


3. Rotating Wood

I always prefer natural looking over plastic. I liked the paper option in the middle, as well as the rotating feature.




4. Simple White

This is so simple. The handle would make it so easy to move around and the removable containers are definitely a bonus.




 5. Metal Tin

Once again, it goes back to style. I really like the rustic and the handles. This one also has the label space for each compartment.




6. DIY Caddy

If you are the creative DIY’er, you can always make your own using materials you have around the house like empty cans, tins, or jars.






What do you use for organizing kids art supplies?

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  1. Love the art Caddy Jessica! You are so creative. It is terrific for keeping organised because it can get messy . WE keep supplies in rubbermaid containers but this idea of yours is so much better. Have a great day Dear, hugs, Terri xo.

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