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With school is just around the corner, I’m sharing this  All About Me Book. It is a fun, creative-writing exercise that our students are sure to enjoy.

Also, if you’re like me, you can stash it away for an end of the year recap.



Creative Writing Activities for Kids

Getting kids to write can sometimes feel like a task, but it doesn’t need to be. Once they experience the enjoyment in using their imagination and emotions, they will feel connected to the practice. 

A simple way to encourage this, is have them write about what they are most passionate about: themselves.

Furthermore, this type of writing gives kids a sense of identity. A written word about who they are is a powerful thing. 


Printable All About Me Book

This is a printable, 12 half-page, All About Me Book. It is a fun, back-to-school activity that encourages kids to evaluate themselves,  and write.

It is geared toward Pre-k, Kindergarten, and early elementary-aged students.

The contents of this book include:

  • Name
  • Birthday
  • I like…
  • I feel…
  • Family
  • My home
  • Favorites
  • When I grow up…
  • I want to learn…



Uses of the All About Me Book

This writing exercise can be used anytime throughout the year .

I put back-to-school on the title of this post, however, this creative writing exercise would work well for a Back-to-School, mid-year, or end of the year recap. You choose!


Assembly Instructions

Because saving paper is awesome, I made this into a half-page book. Besides, the size seems to fit the little hands better. 

To assemble:

First, you need to print the  All About Me Book.

Second, simply cut along the half-page, dotted lines.

Lastly, staple the pages together to form a booklet.


All About Me Book Download

This is a creative writing activity I created for my kids. If you would like a copy for your homeschool or classroom, you can find the DOWNLOAD HERE


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Back-to -School Resource

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