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Printable Back-to-School All About Me Book

Looking for a fun back-to-school writing activity to do with your kids? If so, look no further, I’ve got a printable ‘All About Me Book’ your students are sure to enjoy.

There are so many fun ways to celebrate back to school week. But one thing I always like to include is some type of all about me writing activity.

Why? Because it helps kids to pause and evaluate who they are. Things like, what they like and dislike or who is special to them and why.

And as these things change over the years, they can look back and remember and enjoy their all answers they chose to write.



All About Me Creative Writing Activities for Kids

There are many ways to get kids writing. But one of the best ways is to get young kids writing is to have them do an all about me creative writing activity. Why? Because, at this age kids are naturally egocentric and are quite eager to talk or write about who they are.

The idea that they get to write about what they are interested in or choose their favorites is a fun idea for just about any kid.

Throw in the idea that they can share their all about me book with other people when it’s completed and they will be sold.

Furthermore, this type of writing gives kids a sense of identity. A written word about who they are is a powerful thing. 

Printable All About Me Book 

Whether you are getting started with homeschool, doing preschool at home, or teaching in a classroom setting, I’ve got a printable all about me book you can use.

With writing, drawing, and coloring options, this all about me pdf is geared toward Pre-k, Kindergarten, and early elementary-aged students.

It is a 12 half-page resource that is designed to be a fun, back-to-school activity that encourages kids to evaluate themselves, and enjoy the writing process.

All About Me Book Template:

Now for the fun part, let’s talk about what is on each page of this printable All About Me Booklet.

1. Name Page

The first page of this booklet asks the kids to draw the letter that their name begins with, write their name on the line provided, and draw a self-portrait.

By combining writing and drawing, this all about me name page is very welcoming for young kids, even those who are still learning to write their names.

2. My Birthday

The all about me birthday page has a fun cupcake to color, a blank page to write their age, and then spaces for the student to write the day and month of their birthday.

Note: depending on the age of your kids, they may need help to know or write their birth date.

3. ‘I like’ Page

The ‘I like’ page gets kids thinking about what they are really interested in and what they enjoy doing. This page in the all about me book, asks the child to write or draw what they like to sing, draw, and make.

4. ‘I feel’ Page

This printable all about me page explores emotional intelligence and gets kids to think about and evaluate their emotions. It gives the child space to draw pictures for instances or experiences when they feel happy, sad, and excited.

5. My Family

The family page is where your kids can draw a family portrait. Encourage them to include parents, grandparents, siblings, and pets or anyone else who they love and are considered part of their family.

6. ‘My home’ Page

This page is a place where kids can draw where they live. Is it an apartment? A duplex? A house? A farm? Encourage kids to add details and share what they like about their homes.

7. All About My Favorites

Have your kids think about all their favorites and why. Then have your students draw or write their favorite food, book, color, and thing to do on the favorites page provided.

Then, you can talk about why they chose those things. Who makes their favorite food? Why is that their favorite color? How does their favorite book make them feel?

8. All About Me – When I Grow Up

It’s time to let your kids dream! Have your students write about what they want to be when they grow up, things they might want to do, and where they might like to go.

Note: This is a great time to pause and talk about community helpers and different jobs that people have. You can discuss future goals and even introduce them to new geographical places to spark their interest in travel.

9. I Want to Learn Page

This page gives kids permission to be curious. They can express things they want to learn about, or things they want to learn how to do.

Do a little brainstorm and ask the kids what kinds of questions they have or things they have ever wondered about and record these interests on this page.


Ways to Use this All About Me Resource

As I shared, we will be using this as one of our back-to-school activities but this writing exercise can be used anytime throughout the year.

For example, you could use this printable All About Me Book as a year-end recap, a mid-year self-evaluation, a creative writing assignment, or a ‘just for fun’ activity.

Furthermore, this could be an independent activity idea or something that you do alongside of your kids.


How to Assemble the All About Me Book

This is a half-page, All About Me booklet that is designed for little hands. Here is the quick run down of how to assemble this booklet:

  1. First, you need to print the  All About Me Book pdf
  2. Second, simply cut along the half-page, dotted lines.
  3. Lastly, staple the pages together to form a booklet.
all about me booklet materials

Where Can I Get this All About Me Book Printable?

This is a creative writing activity I created for my kids. If you would like a copy for your homeschool or classroom, you can find this printable All About Me Book download in my tpt store.

Other All About Me Activity Ideas

  1. Read All About Me Picture Books – Find some all about me picture books and read about me themes like: uniqueness, personal interests, and positive self worth. (Check out these book lists: Best All About Me Books for Preschoolers and All About Me Books for preschool and kindergarten by the Measured Mom.)
  1. Make an All About Me Self Collage – Have kids put together a collage of things that show things about themselves.
  1. Write an Acrostic Name Poem – This is where you write your name vertically on a page then write a sentence (horizontally) or words that describe yourself using the first letter of that line.
  1. Create a life-sized self portrait – Get a large piece of butcher paper and trace your kids body. Then let them color or paint their life-sized self portrait.
  1. Make some handprint crafts for kids – Capture the your kids age while your little ones enjoy a handprint all about me activity.
  1. Make homemade name puzzles – Have your kids practice writing their names then turn it into a puzzle to enjoy.

More Printable Handwriting Resources

Here are a few other fun, thrifty, handwriting resources available in the tpt store as well:

Back-to-School Resource

Don’t forget to get your Printable, First-Day-of-School Signs! (Preschool through 12th grade) Available in JPEG, PNG, and SVG. 

 What are your favorite all about me activities?

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