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50 Ways to Celebrate Back-to-School Week for Homeschoolers

Looking for some ways to celebrate back-to-school week for homeschoolers? Lets talk about that first week back and ways we can make it more fun.

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What should I do the first week of homeschool?

If your overall goal for your kids is to not only learn, but to love learning. Then make the first week a reflection of those values. Take the time to celebrate the possibilities and who they are becoming. Slow down and build some interest and curiosity for what the year might hold. Surprises, unexpected trips, and some tasty treats can go a long way.

Sure, get a little school work in. But feel free to ease into your routine and make the back-to-school week a memorable one.

50 ways to celebrate back-to-school week for homeschoolers

There are tons of great ways to celebrate back-to-school week for homeschoolers. Here are a few of ideas to get you started.

  1. Decorate your learning space– Hang balloon, streamers, banners, posters, number lines, alphabet posters, or whatever you can come up with to make it celebratory and inviting.


  1. Print first day of school signs and then take pictures– Print a sign with the appropriate grade level and have fun posing for some cute back-to-school pictures.
  1. Have a back-to-school poetry tea time– Introduce some fun poetry books for kids along with some tea and a few tasty treats.


  1. Decorate notebooks and journals– Use patterned paper, stickers, or paint and decorate your notebooks for the coming year.


  1. Have a special lunch– Fix something out of the ordinary (like sandwich kabobs) and give your day an element of back-to-school celebration.


  1. Give small school-related gifts– Surprise your kids with something like a new pencil case, colorful binder, or mousepad.


  1. Do a school supply treasure hunt– make some clues, hide them, then let your kids fill up their school caddy’s with all the supplies they find.


  1. Write out goals– talk about what your kids are interested in, have them come up with some goals they would like to accomplish for the year.


  1. Make a vision board– cut out pictures, quotes, or motivational sayings and make a vision board of all their goals.


  1. Give a speech– Inspire your kids with an impromptu back-to-school speech. (Be sure to add lots of humor, inflection, and enthusiasm.)


  1. Decorate clipboards– find creative ways to spruce up the clipboards.
motivational back to school clipboards
  1. Make an All About Me book– fill out an all about me book so you can refer back to it at the end of the year and compare and remember.


  1. Pick a theme for your year– Perhaps pick a word, idea, motto, or theme for the year then write it down and frame it.


  1. Get a new school outfit– go out shopping for a new back-to-school outfit.


  1. Have a picnic– do a little school, then pack a basket full of your favorite lunch foods and have a picnic outside.


  1. Create a backyard obstacle course– Give your kids a fun, back-to-school week challenge by creating an obstacle course in your backyard for them to go through.


  1. Have a board game day– spend your whole school day playing and problem solving with your favorite board games.


  1. Go on a field trip– instead of staying indoors for your first week of school, find a few places to go.


  1. Host a back-to-school party– plan a few games, hang a couple decorations, make some snacks then invite your other homeschool friends over to celebrate the beginning of a new year.


  1. Set up a digital planner– Get your kids interested in getting their schedule and studies organized by getting them started on their own digital planner.
digital homeschool student planner iPad
  1. Write a letter for the last day of school– have your kids write a letter to themselves for the last day of school


  1. Create a time capsule– put together a few momentous items then put it away for later.


  1. Buy a new book– visit a local thrift store, or a book shop and let your kids pick out a new book.


  1. Make a back-to-school treat– Gather in the kitchen and make a fun treat together.


  1. Write a note to your kids– write a motivating letter to your kids encouraging them to have a good year and letting them know how proud you are of them.


  1. Measure your kids– take the time to mark your kid’s height on a door frame of measuring stick.


  1. Do a fun science experiment together– jump into learning with a hands-on activity to spark their interest.


  1. Have an arts and crafts day– clear the table and make space to create. Bring out the paints, colorful paper, and art books and get started.


  1. Do your studies outside– make good use of what’s left of summertime weather, and do your homework under the trees what the birds sing.


  1. Have a reading day– grab some snacks and get a head start on your reading list. Spend your school hours enjoying your favorite books.
  1. Go to the zoo– skip the books and go do your learning at the zoo. Pack a lunch and have fun observing the animals.


  1. Do a handprint craft– For your little ones do a handprint craft (handprint heart tree) to put in their memory box.


  1. Go to a museum– take school to a local museum. Bring your journals to take notes, and have fun exploring everything there is to see.


  1. Go on a bike ride– kick off your nature study by enjoying the outdoors on a bike.


  1. Open a Craftsy account– Have a craft you want to learn? Open an account and get started learning.


  1. Make a what we did this summer timeline– practice making timelines while remembering the fun of the past summer.


  1. Hide positive affirmation cards for your kids to find.- Motivate and encourage your kids by leaving affirmations around the house for them to find.
receiving a compliment card
  1. Celebrate ‘School Year’s Eve’– Make the night before school extra special. For example, make a fancy dinner, or open a few presents.


  1. Do a first day of school interview– Fill out a printable or just make this a fun discussion activity. Ask about their favorites, interests, and goals.


  1. Plan out a fun reading list for the year– Make a reading list that your kids will be excited to go through.


  1. Make binder covers– Let your kids design their own binder covers.


  1. Organize your learning space– make a party out of putting new books and supplies in place.


  1. Decorate pencils– Find creative ways to decorate your pencils. Grab a little paint, tassels, or funky erasers and get those pencils ready for school time.


  1. Make a pencil holder– Use what you have around the house and let your kids make their own pencil holder.


  1. Print out a student planner to follow for the year– if digital isn’t for you, print out a student planner on paper and let them get organized.
about me page
  1. Open and Outschool account- Take your learning online and find new classes that your kids might want to take.


  1. Print motivational posters for your learning space– decorate your space with quotes and sayings that will keep your kids inspired throughout the school year.


  1. Buy a new backpack– Take your kids to the store and let them pick out a new backpack. They can use their new bag for field trips, library visits, and even going to grandmas’.


  1. Go out for an ice cream cone– finish your first school day with a cool end-of-summer treat.
  1. Go for a hike– Start your school year in the great outdoors. Bring your nature journal and draw your findings.
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How can I make homeschool fun the rest of the year?

The best thing about homeschool is that it is what you make it. These back-to-school activities don’t have to be only for the beginning of the year. Pull this list out in the middle of the year as well. And try some of these activities with your kids.

Kids love little elements of change and surprise. Take the time to regularly find way to incorporate these into your routine. If you do, you will find that interest of learning kicked back into gear.

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What are your favorite ways to celebrate back-to-school week for homeschoolers?


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