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G Words for Kids

Looking for some g words for kids? Today, I’ve got a generous load of great options to get you going! 

If you’re like me, then sometimes you struggle to brainstorm a good word list that will really help your kids get aquatinted with a particular letter.

Today’s particular letter is G and I’m going to give you options for preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and even advanced word ideas.

Note: Stick around to the end and I’ll show you how to get access to a free Letter G Learning Pack as well!

Learning Letter G

First, let’s take a quick look at the letter itself. G is the 7th letter in the alphabet. It has two sounds: the hard sound: /g/ (gas, girl, go) and the soft sound: /j/ (gem, giant, giraffe).

For younger kids, keep in the mind, the uppercase G can be confused with C, O, and Q. While the lowercase g is sometimes confused with p, q, b, and d. (Try different strategies for learning letters and sounds to help with these common mixups.)

For older kids, build on what they already know about the letter g. Have them practice writing, spelling, learning new ‘g’ vocabulary words, and even using copy work to get them comfortable with all things G.

G Words for Preschool

Preschoolers are just beginning to recognize letters. With that being said, work on learning what the letter g looks like (uppercase and lowercase) and the sounds it makes. This would be a great time to do some letter games and prewriting activities using the letter g.

As far as g words for preschoolers, I would start with simple words that use the hard ‘g’ sound to begin with. Here are a few examples of easy preschool words that start with g along with sentences you can use for context.

  • Gas- Let’s stop for gas before we head home.
  • Gift – I wrapped a gift for my sister and put it under the Christmas Tree.
  • Get – Will you stop by the store and get a gallon of milk?
  • Gum – Mint flavored chewing gum is my favorite.
  • Go – We will be going to church tomorrow.
  • Good – Today is going to be a good day.

G Words for Kindergarten

Kindergartners are move on from letter recognition and are staring to work on beginning and ending sounds, as well as, sight words.

Here are some simple g word ideas and sentences you can use with your kindergartener:

Kindergarten words that begin with g:

  • Gone – Dad went to work and will be gone for the entire day.
  • Grin – A grin spread across his face when he heard that grandma was coming to visit.
  • Gate – We have a metal gate at the end of our driveway.
  • Great – This is going to be a great day!
  • Got – I got six books today at the library.
  • Gave – She gave her mom a big hug before breakfast.
  • Glad – I am glad you are my mother.

Kindergarten words that end with g:

  • Big – The big dog barked at his owner.
  • Rug – We have a blue rug on our living room floor.
  • Dog – I have a dog named Lucy.
  • Log – The ant crawled on the log.
  • Fog – I saw fog this morning on my way to school
  • Hog – The hog ran around his pen.
  • Bug – She saw a bug on the leaf.
  • Pig – The farmer had a pink pig.
  • Wig – The man in the picture wore a white wig.

CVC ‘G’ Words for Beginning Readers

If you have beginner readers, they are more than likely working on CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words. You can work on letter recognition and simple reading with some of these easy ‘g’ CVC words with your early readers:

  • Gut
  • Gap
  • Gum
  • Gem
  • Got
  • Get
  • Gal
  • Gab
  • Gig
  • Gun

G words for elementary

Dive into g words with your elementary students by learning letter combos like ‘gl’ and ‘gr’ (example: glitter, grass, grow, glow). It’s also a good time to build vocabulary and learn words that use both the hard and soft sounds of g.

  • Grass – The grass is tall and needs to be mowed.
  • Green – The frog is green.
  • Grow – We are going to grow vegetable in our garden this year.
  • Grip – I saw the baby grip the toy with her little fingers.
  • Grind – My dad will grind the coffee beans before me makes a cup to drink.
  • Grape – I will pick a grape off the vine and eat it.
  • Glow – The street lamps glow outside my window at night.
  • Glossy – I need some glossy paper for my project.
  • Glitter – We will use red glitter on our craft today.
  • Glimpse – I caught a glimpse of my friend in a crowd.
  • Gem – I have a ruby in my gem collection
  • Giant – The giant hot air balloon floated across the sky.
  • Giraffe – I saw a tall giraffe at the zoo.
  • Gentle – My grandma is gentle and kind.
  • Germ – I washed the germs off of my hands.

The Ultimate G words for Kids (List and Definitions)

Are you ready? Here is the ultimate g words for kids list! I’ve included a quick definition with each word, but if you click on the word it will take you to the exact dictionary definition.

  • Gate – a portion fence (usually on hinges) that opens and closes.
  •  Gentle – not rough or hard but rather, kind and tender.
  •  Giraffe – The tallest land animal with a long neck.
  •  Gap – A space in between two objects.
  •  Gem – a polished precious stone.
  •  Gorilla – a large ape.
  •  Gift – a present given, expecting nothing in return.
  •  Gas – A fuel source.
  •  Goat – A mid-sized mammal in the bovine family
  •  Grapes – Round juicy fruit that grows in clusters on a vine.
  •  Globe – A spherical map of planet Earth.
  •  Glue – A liquid adhesive.
  •  Guitar – A long-necked, 5-stringed instrument.
  •  Gut – The bowels and innards of the body.
  •  Gym – A place for sports, exercise, and physical education.
  •  Gloves – protective hand-wear.
  •  General – overall, big-picture view.
  •  Green – the color of grass.
  •  Goose – long-necked water bird.
  •  Get – acquiring a person or thing.
  •  Glossy – a shiny finish.
  •  Giant – very large.
  •  Germ – a microorganism that can make you sick.
  •  Glimpse – a small look.
  •  Gripe – complain.
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  •  Great – grand, large, important.
  •  Grass – growing covering plant
  •  Glass – transparent, breakable material.
  •  Gone – is no where to be found.
  •  Gag – result from a blocked airway.
  •  Gum – a chewable substance.
  •  Gave – the act of something already given.
  •  Go – move forward
  •  Group – formed by a certain amount of people or things
  •  Good – pleasant
  •  Grow – to begin to get bigger or to mature.
  •  Gaze – to look at intently.
  •  Glasses – a pair of lens for your eyes.
  •  Goal – a destination or wanted end result.
  •  Garden – a place to plant flowers and vegetables.
  •  Game – a fun, competitive activity.
  •  Ghost – a shadowy figure
  •  Gnome – dwarf-like, usually bearded character.
  •  Galaxy – a star-filled expanse in space.
  •  Graze – for animals to move around and nibble on grass.
  •  Grin – smile
  •  Grind – to rub together to make into powder.
  •  Grip – to hold onto tightly.
  •  Gun – a hand-held firearm.
  •  Gab – to chat insesently
  •  Gal – a girl
  •  Gummy – a sticky gelatinous texture.
  •  Gravy – a seasoned sauce made from pan drippings to pour over meat or potatoes
  •  Garlic – a strong-scented bulb used in cooking.
  •  Ground – the earth we walk on.
  •  Gourmet – fancy food or drink.
  •  Generic – the general idea
  •  Gibberish – non-understandable chatter (baby talk).
  •  Grand – large and impressive.
  •  Grandiose – very elaborate.
  •  Geology – the study of rocks.
  •  Genre – a type or classification of something.
  •  Grace – undeserved favor.
  •  Glee – feelings of happiness.
  •  Generous – very giving and selfless.
  •  Glorious – magnificent and splendid.
  •  Genuine – real.
  •  Gorgeous – very beautiful.
  •  Glad – feeling happed and pleased with the results.
  •  Giggle – a small laugh.
  •  Glitter – tiny sparkly shards used for crafting.
  •  Grateful – thankful.
  •  Gleaming – shining brightly.
  •  Glamour – elaborate style.
  •  Germination – beginning to grow.

Advanced G Words for Kids

For your achievers and lovers of good vocabulary, here are few longer g words for kids to explore!

Letter G Activities for Kids

(This list of ideas contains Amazon Affiliate Links.)

  1. Letter G Practice Pack – Get the printable Letter G Practice Pack resource that is available in the Inspire the Mom’s free resource library. This letter pack includes G practice pages for preschoolers, vocabulary handwriting lists and letter tracing cards (print and cursive), as well as a full G words list.
  2. Letter G Sounds Song (video) – Have your kids listen to or watch a letter g song video. Play it repeatedly until they learn the letter g and can sing along.
  3. Crafts for Learning Letter G – Plan some letter g crafts with your kids. These are great for early learners who are working on letter recognition and letter formation.
  4. Books for letter G – Read your kids books with the letter G. Get them used to the look and sound of G in printed form.
  5. Online games for letter G – Have your kids play some interactive online games for learning the letter G.
  6. Activities for Letter G – Find creative games, and activities that will help your kids become more familiar with the letter G.
  7. Sensory Spelling Games – See this long list of sensory spelling activities to use with learning to spell words that begin with G. The activities on this list include creative spelling exercises using things like legos, pipe cleaners, chalk, and scrabble pieces.
  8. Vocabulary Activities – Learn new g words with your elementary kids by doing some fun vocabulary activities
  9. Play Vocabulary Word Games – With your older kids, pull out your ScrabbleScattergories, or Boggle games and practing using all of your new G vocabulary words.

FREE Letter G Learning Pack 

Visit the Inspire the Mom Free Resource Library for this free Letter G Learning Pack. This resource contains practice pages for preschool through elementary, as well as, a list of g words for kids to work on. This pack is perfect for homeschool or classroom use!

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What are you favorite G words for kids?

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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