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X Words For Kids

Trying to find some x words for kids? If so, I’ve got some practice word choices and activities that you can use to help your kids become more acquainted with this letter.

Out of the twenty-six letters in the alphabet, X is a tricky letter to teach because it doesn’t offer us a ton of options, especially in the area of simple words for preschoolers or kindergarteners.

However, if you don’t get too stuck on trying to find only words that begin with x you should have enough material to work with.

Note: Stick around until the end to find out how you can get this free printable Letter X Learning pack!

The Sounds of X

Before we get into the word lists, let’s talk about the sounds that x can make. ‘X’ is the 24th letter of the alphabet and comes with a host of sounds which can make learning ‘x’ a challenge.

The most common sound for ‘x’ when teaching kids is the /ks/ as in fox. (Hence, why we use words that end with x more than words that begin with x when teaching this letter to younger kids.)

However, you will quickly realize that there are other sounds as well.

Other sounds of x: /gz/ as in exam, /z/ as in xylophone, /k-sh/ as in complexion, and /e-ks/ as in x-ray or extra.

X Words for Preschool

Remember that preschoolers are working on letter recognition and simple letter sounds at this point. So focus on introducing what an ‘x’ looks like, while using words that only use the /ks/ sound.

This is also a great time to do some prewriting activities and letter-recognition games for the letter ‘x’. (Note: you can check out these prewriting books to get started.)

Here are some examples of easy preschool words that start with x along with sentences you can use for context:

  • Ox – An ox is a male cow.
  • Axe – The man will use the axe to cut down a tree.
  • Box – I have a big brown box full of shoes.

X Words for Kindergarten

Kindergartners can typically identify letter x by this time. However, there may be some letter confusion particularly with q, y, and z that you might need to clear up. Especially as you introduce ‘x’ words that don’t share the /ks/ sound.

Here are some simple x word ideas and sentences you can use with your kindergartener. Keeping in mind that the words that end in x will be your main words for teaching the /ks/ sound of x.

Words that begin with x for Kindergarten:

  • X-ray – The doctor used the x-ray machine to see my broken arm.
  • Xylophone – I can play the xylophone in music class.

Words that end with x for Kindergarten:

  • Mix – I can mix the cookie batter with a big wooden spoon.
  • Box – There is a cardboard box on my front porch.
  • Fox – The red fox lives in the forest.
  • Wax – A candle is made of wax.
  • Fix – My dad can fix our car.
  • Six- I am six years old.
  • Max – Max is my best friend.

‘X’ Words for Beginning Readers (CVC)

Looking for CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words that use the letter x? Here are the most common ‘x’ words you will find in early readers.

  • box
  • fox
  • mix
  • fix
  • six
  • wax
  • Max

‘X’ Words for Elementary

Now is a great time to explore the letter ‘x’ from all the different angles. Don’t get too stuck on trying to find words that begin with x, rather start with common words that contain the letter x.

Here are some great ‘x’ words for elementary and some context sentence ideas for reference.

Elementary words that begin with x

  • Xylophone – I can play the xylophone very well.
  • Xylophonist – My music teacher is also a xylophonist.
  • X-ray – My doctor used an x-ray machine to check for broken bones.
  • Xerox – My mom made a xerox copy of my essay.

Elementary words that contain letter x

  • Flex – I like to flex my muscles in front of a mirror.
  • Extra – Do you have an extra blanket that I could borrow?
  • Texas – Texas is a large state.
  • Relax – It is time to relax and take a nap.
  • Next – Jane is the next person in line.
  • Mexico – Our family is going on a trip to Mexico this summer.
  • Index – I will check the book’s index so I can find the correct page.
  • Prefix – A prefix comes before a base word.
  • Axis – The earth rotates on its axis.
  • Boxcar – The boxcar was full of cargo.
  • Explore – I love to explore the great outdoors.
  • Exercise – Jogging is my favorite form of exercise.
  • Toxin – A toxin can be harmful to your body.
  • Fixture – The new light fixture looks good over the dining room table.
  • Complex – I enjoy math but some of the problems are quite complex.
  • Extract – My mom added vanilla extract to the cookies for more flavor.
  • Exterior – The exterior of our house needs a fresh coat of paint.
  • Expert – My uncle is an expert chef.
  • Extreme – You can get frostbite in extreme cold temperatures.
  • Mixture – It is a mixture of snow and rain outside.

Advanced X Words for Kids

Ready to have fun and learn some new vocabulary words that begin with x? Here are some harder words for students who enjoy a good challenge.

  • Xylitol – Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from tree bark.
  • Xeroderma – The dry skin from my xeroderma itches when I sweat.
  • Xanthic – The autumn trees were brown and orange with a xanthic hue.
  • Xerus – I saw an xerus on my trip to Africa, it looked similar to the squirrels back home.
  • Xanthan – My mom uses xanthan gum in her muffins.
  • Xenial – We are a xenial church and do our best to make everyone feel at home.
  • Xylophonist – My brother is a a full time xylophonist for a traveling band.
  • Xiaosaurus – An Xiaosaurus is a small, plant-eating dinosaur.

Ultimate X Words for Kids List

Here it is, The ultimate x words for kids list! Each word comes with a quick written definition, but if you click on the word itself it will take you to the dictionary definition of the word.

  • Ox – a male cow
  • Axe – a tool used to chop wood
  • Mix – to put together
  • Box – a container with a lid
  • Fox – a small mammal in the dog family
  • Wax – a bee product used to make candles
  • Fix – repair
  • Six – a number that is one less than seven
  • Flex – bend and tighten
  • Extra – more than you need
  • Texas – a state in the US
  • Relax – to release tension and rest
  • Next – coming right after
  • Mexico – a country in North America
  • Index – a list
  • Prefix – comes before a base word to change its meaning
  • Axis – the line on which earth turns
  • Boxcar – an enclosed freight car
  • Explore – look closely and discover
  • Exercise – bring to action
  • Toxin – something that is poisonous
  • Fixture – something that is set into place
  • Complex – complicated
  • Extract – to pull from
  • Exterior – the outside of something
  • Expert – someone who is knowledgeable and has mastered a certain subject
  • Extreme – beyond normal at a very high degree
  • Mixture – a combination of things
  • Oxen – more than one ox
  • X-ray – to examine or look over with an x-ray machine
  • Xylophone – a musical instrument with wooden bars and varying tones
  • Xerox – a copy made on a Xerox machine
  • Xylophonist – someone who plays the xylophone
  • Xyst – a covered porch
  • X-mas – Christmas
  • Xylems – a tissue in plants that helps to transport nutrients
  • Xavier – a boy name
  • Xiaosaurus – a small dinosaur
  • Xanthic – yellow coloring
  • Xebec – a triple-masted sailing ship
  • Xanax – a brand of medicine.
  • Xeroderma – dry skin disease
  • Xylitol – a natural sweetener.
  • Xenial – welcoming
  • Xerus – An African ground squirrel.
  • Xanthan – a natural gum used in cooking.
  • Xeroxes – copies made on a Xerox machine
  • Xenogamy – cross pollination
  • Xenophobia – a fear of people from a different culture than yourself
  • Xeric– seen as needing only a small amount of moisture.
  • Xenon – a heavy, colorless, inactive material used for filling radios, lamps, and tvs.
  • Xenia – an effect of pollen on embryo development
  • Xenopus – a type of African Aquatic frog
  • Xylotomy – the art of prepping wood for microscopic exploration.

Letter X Activities for Kids

Before you get into learning words that begin with x, have fun learning the letter itself! Here is a list of letter x activities you can do with your toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. These all encourage letter recognition, letter formation, and beginning letter x vocabulary.

(This list contains Amazon Affiliate links)

  1. Letter X Practice Pack – See below where you can get the free printable Letter X Practice Pack resource that is available in the Inspire the Mom’s free resource library. This letter pack includes X practice pages for preschoolers, handwriting, lists, and letter tracing cards (print and cursive), as well as a full X words list.
  1. Picture Books for Letter X – One of the best ways to learn the letter ‘x’ is by seeing it in writing and hearing it used in reading. Find some letter x picture books and have some fun!
  1. Online Games for Letter X – Giving your kids some interactive online letter ‘x’ games is an easy way to get your kids engaging with this letter.
  1. Letter X Crafts – Explore the letter x by making some letter x crafts! From pipe-cleaner x-ray fish to colorful xylophones, kids will have fun creating with this letter.
  1. Activities for Letter X – Fine some activities for the letter x. Things like tic-tac-to or a scavenger hunt for ‘x marks the spot’.
  1. Spelling Games – See this long list of spelling activities to try with your new words that begin with X. The spelling games on this list include creative spelling activities using things like chalk, pipe cleaners, lego, scrabble pieces, and more.
  1. Letter X Song (video) – Let your kids watch and listen to a letter x song video. Play it over and over until they learn the letter x and can sing along.
  1. Montessori Sand Tray – practice learning x letter formation on a Montessori sand tray for preschool and Kindergarten. (affiliate link)
  1. Letter X Coloring Pages – Download some free letter X coloring pages for letter recognition and fine motor building.
  1. Letter X Shaped Snacks – Find fun ways to make the letter X using food. Using fruit, vegetables, or candy you can get creative making letter x snacks.

X Word Activities for Kids

Enjoy a good time exploring x words by trying some of these fun word activities for kids. The idea is to present your students with new words, repeatedly, in fun and varied ways. (Keep in mind that certain activities will resonate more than others.)

  1. Vocabulary Activities – Explore new x words with your older kids by doing some fun vocabulary activities
  1. Play Vocabulary Word Games – With your older kids, pull out your ScrabbleScattergories, or Boggle games and practice using all of your new X vocabulary words.
  1. Write Poetry – try writing an alphabet or acrostic poem using X words.
  1. Write Sentences – Find nouns, verbs, and adjectives that use the letter x and have fun coming up with sentences that use these x words for kids.

Free Printable Letter X Learning Pack 

This free Letter X Learning Pack is in the Inspire the Mom Free Resource Library, and contains practice pages for preschool through elementary, as well as, a list of x words for kids to work on. This pack is perfect for homeschool or classroom use!

If you are already a member, you can hop on over to the Inspire the Mom free resource page. If not, fill out the simple form below and join our community for access to this freebie as well as and other great content.

More Educational Resources for Kids

Whether you are getting started with homeschool or you have a classroom of kids that you are teaching, check out some of these other educational resources:

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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