Curing the Winter Blues With Some February Fun

I packed up the last of the snowmen yesterday. Not that it’s done snowing, but maybe if I put them away, Jack Frost will take a hint and make his way out of the area.

To take the place of the snowmen decorations, I pulled out a handful of Valentine ones. All three of them. One of them is a Valentine weiner dog whose ears and tail shake when it sings rock’n’roll love songs. (Thank you, In-laws)

Maybe not my first pick, buy hey, the kids were elated. And since Cheesy is my middle name, this wiener dog has become our equivalent to the elf on the shelf. (Don’t judge) However, instead of causing mischief, he leaves love notes for the kids to find.

And on Valentine’s Day he has a special surprise planned which no one knows what it is yet. Not even me.

With cold weather and sickness floating around, we spend a lot of extra time indoors. Life can start to feel quite monotonous. I guess that’s where they coined the term “Winter Blues”… all the kids start resorting to making nose pictures on the windows and their moms feel like they spend their days wiping off the remaining smudges.

Maybe thats just me.

We also made some heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies. I’m not much of a baker, but these actually turned out pretty good. I used Erins Perfect Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from texanerin.com, as well as, my little three-dollar, heart-shaped silicone mold. They ended up being thicker, kind of like cookie bars, but that was totally ok. They were a nice portion size and they were all the same size which blesses my love for symmetry. 

Hoping you all are enjoying this great month! If not, here are some ideas to liven it up…

More February Fun 


What are some ways you create February fun in your home?

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  1. I will take wiener surprise notes please ???. I am an outdoors kinda girl, so don’t do winter blues too well. Today our high is 75 and we are outside hopping like bunnies??. Thanks again for sharing some winter blues ideas.

  2. You think winter’s tough in the northern hemisphere? At least you get to break it up with some fun holidays. Here, there’s a total of one holiday between 1 June and the start of November – Queen’s Birthday, which falls in early June and has no special significance or fun traditions associated with it at all. And sure, our winters don’t get as cold as they do there, but winters are cold and homes are only built for summer conditions. Winter here is a long and dreary time.

    So, what do we do? We find any excuse to celebrate. We make paper snowflakes and other winter decorations, we celebrate the 4th of July, sometimes I even make up holidays to give us an excuse to do something fun.

    And we always plan a trip somewhere warm for late winter/early spring. This September we’re flying to Hawaii for a week. Having something to look forward to always makes winter easier!

      1. Hawaii is okay, but we prefer SE Asia. The beaches are better, food and accommodations are cheaper, the people are much friendlier. But Hawaii is a good place to meet up with my American family. It’s cheaper and quicker than flying all the way to Melbourne, although we can usually get cheaper fares than they can. (This year our tickets were about US $300 return.)

      1. Hawaii has very nice weather (sometimes SE Asia is quite hot and humid) and you don’t have to worry about eating the lettuce or drinking the water. Also, as the kids get older, it’s harder to hide them from the seedier side of places like Thailand (LOTS of girly bars and “girlfriends for hire”). But it’s hard to go past the 4 star hotels for $80 a night you can get in SE Asia! And the food cannot be beaten, as long as you stay away from the week-old prawns.

  3. Hi Jessica, Happy February! Maybe winter will get the hint, I am ready for spring, and spring wardrobe. The weiner dog must be so cute, leaving love notes. A great idea. I know how it is wiping smudges of f the windows! I might use the chocolate chip recipe if that is ok. Sounds yummy! We don’t get to have a lot of fun during week as we both work and kids go to school/daycare. I feel guilty sometimes Jessica. It’s to provide for the kids but its a mental strain too being away from them. We like to do board games and play toys with younger 2. the young ones also love hide and seek. It is so fun! I hope you have a wonderful day Dear and a great weekend, Hugs, Terri xoxo.

    1. I totally get that mental strain, I experienced that when I was working away from home too. But don’t let that voice of guilt have any say… You are helping to provide for your family and you are obviously making your time that you do have with them extra special. (Hide and seek is one of our favorites too;) Let me be a cheerleader in your corner today…You got this Mom!! <3 <3

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