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Mini Wood Slice Ornaments DIY

Continuing on our ornament-making tradition, we have added these cute, one-word small wood ornaments to our collection.

Last year the wood slice ornaments were a big hit, so we decided to make a mini version this year using the smaller wood rounds and a simple one-word svg design. Other than that, we kept the look about the same, so they would match our handmade ornaments from last year.

Let’s get started!

Materials needed for mini wood slice ornaments

This project does require a handful of materials, including a Cricut or other cutting machine, but if you are a regular crafter, you more than likely have a lot of these things in your arsenal of craft supplies. If not, you can easily find these items at your local craft store or online.

Materials Needed: (Amazon affiliate links included in this list)

Directions for making mini wood slice ornaments

1. First, paint your unfinished wood ornaments alternating between the black and white acrylic paint. Then set them aside and let them dry. You can also take this time to paint your beads if you want to. I painted a few white then left the rest unfinished.

(My mini wood slice ornaments came with the string already attached, I chose to leave the string on while I painted and it worked fine. But you could easily take it off while you paint.)

2. To prep your vinyl. Download the Christmas words SVG bundle and upload them into Design Space (if you’re using Cricut) and resize to fit your wood rounds, attach together, then cut.

Weed (remove excess vinyl) the decal and get the transfer tape on top.

3. Carefully adhere the decal to the wood.

Note: When you are working with super small designs its easy to lose little dots to letters or and in this case the little dots on either side of the heart. First be extra careful around those areas and go slow. But if you do end up loosing them, I found that a black sharpie or white paint pen can be used to add them back in.

3. Seal your decal by applying a thin layer of Mod Podge or Polycrylic. This just secures your design from being damaged in storage or being picked at by little people.

(Note: If you used a permanent vinyl and it doesn’t seem like its going anywhere you could probably skip this step)

4. Add your beads and ribbon to your wood slice ornaments.

5. This step is optional. I know a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with glitter (me being one) but its always fun to occasionally add a little sparkle here and there. With that being said, use little a tacky glue, and add some glitter around the outside edges of the wood round and then set aside to dry.

NOTE: Once your the glue dries you could also put a layer of your sealant over the top of that as well, so your glitter doesn’t flake off.

6. Enjoy!

Things you can do with your mini wood slice ornaments

Ornaments are such a fun thing to make and give away. Furthermore, I love that they can be used as tree decorations, as well as, a host of different things. Here are a few ideas of ways you can use these wood slice ornaments around the house.

  • use as wood ornaments for Christmas tree
  • use them as gift toppers or tags
  • give them as a gift
  • hang on doorknobs
  • hang them on the mantle
  • use as a stocking tag
  • give as a party favor

More Fun Christmas Ideas

tying ribbon

What is your most memorable ornament and why?

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