Cursive Handwriting Practice

Cursive handwriting. It’s considered antiquated and is even being taken out of the public school’s instruction. Is there merit in teaching this skill to our kids?

I think there is.

Beyond, learning to write in another font, there are some wonderful benefits to cursive:

  • Increased writing speed
  • Learning to read in cursive
  • The ability to be able to read our country’s historical documents
  • Improved fine motor skills
  • Ease of writing
  • Having a good signature
  • Creating more neural connections (right/left brain)


This  article from Deep Roots at Home has some amazing research of the relevance of learning cursive and the benefits our kids can reap from it. (If you have a moment, it’s a compelling read.)

When reading the article, I was so excited to learn that cursive is also part of dyslexia therapy. By connecting the letters, students can see words as a whole and not as floating parts.

I also learned that some people choose to teach cursive before print because it requires less fine motor skills and eliminates some of the print challenges such as spacing, and letter confusion.

We are at the beginning stages of teaching cursive to our daughter, I think this is going to be an awesome skill for her to have.



Cursive Handwriting Practice


I put together a simple notebook to get my daughter acquainted with this new way of writing.

I have her learn a new letter every few days and she is catching on pretty quick. I’ve even caught her practicing during her free time. ?






  • Alphabet Pages
  • Prewriting Pages
  • Letter page A-Z upper and lowercase
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Curved Joins
  • Pointed Joins
  • Loops
  • R Connections
  • Start-back Joins
  • Numbers1-10
  • Practice Sentences and Phrases
  • Blank Practice Paper


Cursive handwriting practice


Assembly Options


Option #1:

  1. Print pages
  2. Insert into Page Protectors
  3. Give Student a Kid-Friendly Dry Erase Marker
  4. Practice, Erase, Reuse


Option #2:

  1. Print and go!



Cursive Handwriting Practice Download

I made this notebook with my kids in mind, but it would work great for anyone wanting to learn cursive. If you want to this resource for your homeschool or classroom,  you can find the DOWNLOAD HERE.



If your kid’s are not quite ready for cursive, here is the HANDWRITING NOTEBOOK that my kids used to learn their print letters.


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  1. Hi Jessica, cursive is so important to still teach! I am glad your Daughter is picking it up really well and doing it in her free time! People back in the 40s 50s 60s had beautiful cursive handwriting that they had to get good at or face the wrath of their teachers. I am average at cursive but I use it all the time . Thanks for sharing, Terri xo.

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