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Adverbs That Start With F

Ready for some adverbs that start with F?  If so, I’ve got a fully stocked list of the fantastic adverbs that start with F; along with adverb activities, sentence examples, and adverb teaching tips for kids.

So, whether you are looking for adverbs for a story you are writing OR for a third grade grammar lesson, I think this list of adverbs that start with F will give you what you need.

From descriptive words like fairly and faithfully to adverbs like fast and first, there are tons of great adverbs that start with F to choose from.

Let’s dive right into our list of adverbs that start with F!

List of Adverbs that Start with F

Adverbs that start with F:

  • fabulously
  • facially
  • factually
  • fadedly
  • faintly
  • fair
  • faintheartedly
  • fairly
  • faithfully
  • fallibly
  • false
  • falsely
  • familiarly
  • famously
  • fantastically
  • fantasticly
  • far
  • farther
  • farthest
  • fashionably
  • fast
  • fastly
  • fatally
  • fatly
  • fautily
  • favoredly
  • fawningly
  • fearfully
  • feebly
  • feelingly
  • femininely
  • festally
  • fetisely
  • feudally
  • feverously
  • fickly
  • fiducially
  • fiercely
  • fifthly
  • fightingly
  • figurately
  • finally
  • fine
  • finely
  • finitely
  • firmly
  • first
  • firstly
  • fitly
  • fittingly
  • fixatedly
  • fixedly
  • fivefold
  • fixedly
  • flabbergastedly
  • flagrantly
  • flakily
  • flashily
  • flat
  • flatly
  • flatteringly
  • flauntingly
  • flamingly
  • flaringly
  • flashily
  • flashingly
  • flavorfully
  • fleetingly
  • fleetly
  • flexibly
  • flimsily
  • flippatly
  • flirtatiously
  • flittingly
  • floatingly
  • florally
  • fluently
  • fluffily
  • fluidly
  • foamingly
  • fondly
  • focally
  • foolishly
  • forbiddenly
  • forcibly
  • forebodigly
  • forever
  • forgetfully
  • forlornly
  • formally
  • formidably
  • fortunately
  • forward
  • fourfold
  • fourthly
  • foxily
  • fractionally
  • fractiously
  • fragilely
  • fragrantly
  • frankly
  • frantically
  • fraudulently
  • freakishly
  • free
  • freely
  • freezingly
  • frequently
  • fresh
  • freshly
  • fretful
  • Friday
  • friendly
  • frightenedly
  • frightfully
  • frigidly
  • friskily
  • frivolously
  • frolicly
  • frolicsomely
  • frontally
  • frontwards
  • frostily
  • frothily
  • frowningly
  • frozenly
  • frugally
  • fruitfully
  • fruitlessly
  • frumpily
  • frumpishly
  • frustratedly
  • full
  • fully
  • fulsomely
  • fumblingly
  • fumingly
  • functionally
  • fundamentally
  • further
  • Fussily
  • futhermore
  • furthest
  • furtively

Simple Adverb Sentence Examples

Wanting a quick review of how adverbs work in a sentence? First, you need to remember that adverbs are used to describe a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

With that being said, an adverb will answer one of the following questions: how? where? when? how much? or how often? Now let’s read through a few examples of each of them.

Note: Most of these sentence examples use adverbs that start with F, however, for the sake of finding good examples, there are adverbs that start with other letters as well.

Where adverb sentence examples:

  • Tim stepped forward.
  • Jackson ran far.
  • She leaned forward and nearly fell off of the edge.
  • He moved further down the road.

When sentence examples for adverbs:

  • Friday we went on a picnic
  • We swam tonight.
  • She will come tomorrow.
  • Last year we visited the Grand Canyon.

How adverb sentence examples:

  • The wolf ran fast.
  • He forcibly took her by the hand.
  • She answered firmly.
  • She dressed formally for the ball.

How Much adverb sentence examples:

  • I am fairly confident that I can win.
  • I fully expected him to quit.
  • I completely support her decision.
  • I am considerably disappointed in the decision.

adverb sentence examples: How Often

  • They seldom wash the windows.
  • He always wears his hat on backwards.
  • We usually leave in the morning.
  • We always eat pot roast for Sunday dinner.

Adverb Teaching Tips for Kids:

Now for teaching adverbs to kids! First let’s talk about a few tips for younger kids. Early elementary students need to understand that an adverb tells us more about the verb and will answer the questions: where? when? how? how often? and how much?

Its also helpful to point out that adverbs will commonly end with ‘-ly’ (favoredly, fawningly, fearfully, feebly, etc.)

Now for upper elementary, you want to elaborate on what an adverb can do. Then, start to teach them that adverbs describe not only verbs, but they can also describe another adverbs and adjectives as well. See the different adverb examples below:

Adverb sentence examples for kids:

  • Adverb describing a verb: The wolf ran fast .
  • Adverb describing another adverb: The wolf ran very fast.
  • Adverb describing a adjective: The wolf was a very fast runner.

Kid-Friendly Adverb Activities

Now for some kid-friendly adverb activities you can do with this ‘adverbs that start with F’ list.

  • Brainstorm Adverbs: Start by choosing an action verb (walk, run, swim, jump, dance, etc) and place that word in the middle of your paper. Then, see how many adverbs they can come up with for that verb . For example, some adverbs that might describe the word “walk” include: fast, feebly, forward, etc. Lastly, discuss which question the adverbs answered about the verb. (free adverb printable pack)
  • Pick the Best Adverb game: Give you student a sentence and ask them to brainstorm a list of adverbs that would possibly fit. Next, go through the list and pick the best adverb.
  • Storytelling: Tell stories out loud with your kids. But, before you get started write a list of adverbs that you could possibly include. Make it fun, and see how many adverbs you can fit into the storyline.
  • Read picture books about adverbs: Another terrific way to learn about adverbs is to read picture books about adverbs. Seeing adverbs in written text is a splendid way to introduce the different parts of speech.

Free printable Adverb Worksheets

Are you interested in the free Adverb worksheets? This free learning pack includes adverb worksheets, adverb sentence cards, brainstorming charts, pick and adverb cards, adverb word search and more! (Great adverb practice for kids from 1st-5th grade.) For access to this free resource sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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Q & A For Adverbs That Start With F

1. What are some positive adverbs that start with F?

Fascinatingly, fashionably, first, first class, fantastically, famously, faithfully, favorably, feelingly, favorably, and forgivably.

2. What are some good ‘ly’ F adverbs for second grade?

Finally, firstly, fully, fearfully, faithfully, favorably, faintly, and falsely.

3. What are some adverbs that start with Fl?

Flat, flatly, flatteringly, flauntingly, flamingly, flaringly, flashily, flavorfully, fleetingly, fleetly, flexibly, flimsily, flippantly, flirtatiously, and fittingly.

4. What are some adverbs that start with Fu?

Full, fully, fulsomely, fumblingly, fumingly, functionally, fundamentally, further, furthermore, furthest, and furtively.

5. What are some common adverbs beginning with F?

Fast, full, fully, faithfully, favorably, flat, flavorfully, fleetingly, fit, finally, fearfully, fiercely, first, and firstly.

Additional Writing Resources for Kids

Working on a writing project and you need more than adverbs? If so, check out our Words for Kids page that has a ton of word options, vocabulary lists, ideas, activities, free learning pages, and more!

What would you add to this ‘Adverbs That Start With F’ list?

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