Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box Review- Ocean Science

When Green Kid Craft asked if I would review one of their boxes, I decided now is the time to do it with Christmas just around the corner…


What is Green Kid Crafts?

Green Kid Crafts is an environment-friendly, subscription box service that provides science-based art and STEAM activities for kids. 

They offer boxes based on age brackets from toddlers through kids over ten. Furthermore, they cover topics like animal science, engineering, ecosystems and more.



Green Kid Crafts: Ocean Science

This box was sent to us for free in return for an honest review. Here is our experience…

It came with six activities. Each activity came with a labeled pack of materials, a page of instructions, and a ‘things to think about’ section.

1. Coral Reef Paintings– This was our kid’s favorite activity out of the box.  Using straws, they put a dab of paint at the bottom of the sea floor and blew it upward to create coral.

green kids craft activity

2. Motion Ocean– You fill the bottle with oil and water and add the provided shells, color tab, and balloon fish. After that, the kids took turns watching the substance while we read about waves, water density, and fish bladders.




3. Oil Spill Science– Dipping a feather into their ‘oil-spill concoction’, the kids had to predict the best way to remove the oil from the bird. Their options were a cotton ball, fabric, or soapy water. This was a fascinating activity to learn about how scientists and rescue workers clean oiled birds before returning them to the wild.



4. Sea Life Rescue– The kids had to trace a fish shape onto the felt, cut it out, and put an eye on it. Once that was done, we were to create a little pole with the pencil, string, and velcro and go fishing in the box lid. This activity was our least favorite. The velcro didn’t actually attach itself unless you pushed it on with your finger and the felt fishes were pretty underwhelming. 

green kid crafts activity ocean

5. Glowing Jellyfish– Using glow sticks and water in bags we made jelly fish that could swim in the sink. Who doesn’t love glowing things? 



6.DIY Ice Boats– For this last one, we were to stabilize the sail, and make ice boats in the freezer overnight. This activity creates conversation about how fast ice melts.



Green Kid Crafts Review

Our kids enjoyed this resource. For the most part, the activities were age appropriate and engaging.

Furthermore, I liked that everything came prepared and ready to go. My type A personality would have liked to see each activity individually packaged and labeled separately. (I had to “fish” around in  the other bags and box to find a couple things.)

Overall, I think this subscription would be a great supplemental resource for a unit study. Another idea would be to simply gift it to your favorite, science-loving family.




Get Green Kid Craft Subscription

You can check out all their themed boxes at GREEN KID CRAFTS. In addition to their boxes they have supplemental material like Ask-scentists sessions, you-tube videos, or places to submit artwork.

They have a ton of subscription options ranging anywhere from about $20-$150 dollars, depending on the box or bundle you select. Lastly, the Kitchen Table Steam Activities is one of their latest efforts to collaborate with  families who are now educating from home.




What is your experience with Green Kid Crafts?



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