Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions

Another resource for reading comprehension! This time, geared a little more towards the younger learners. This is a print and go, no-prep resource that includes simple passages and corresponding, comprehension activities.



Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions

There are 25 passages for the student to read. The reading selections include simple sentences, poetry, and short stories.

Each passage is followed by a series of prompts which utilize various, reading comprehension strategies. For example, the student might be asked to make a text-to-self connection or put a series of events into sequential order.

Furthermore, there are fluency markers (stars) for the student to practice reading each passage three times.


Benefits from this Activity Might Include:

  • fluency
  • vocabulary
  • sequencing
  • predicting
  • making connections
  • rhyming
  • actionable cues
  • learning story elements



Passages for Reading Comprehension

This pack has 25 reading passages that I plan to pull out and use with my younger kids. The passages include simple sentences, short stories, and poetry.

I  plan on using these as a fun and unique way of occasionally switching up our narration time. I’m hoping they will build up proof of comprehension, vocabulary, and strategies for future reading.



Printable Download

If you would like this resource for your homeschool or classroom, you can find the DOWNLOAD HERE.



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