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How to Make Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Yarn wrapped hearts are such a fun, easy craft to do with kids. Today I’m sharing how to make these yarn hearts, as well as, give you a few ideas of what you can do with them.

I love the trend toward more natural, inexpensive crafting. Whether it’s making dried oranges, painting wood slices, or wrapping cardboard with yarn, these are all things you can make with items you more than likely already have around the house.

These yarn hearts are no exception. In fact, you can improvise with all the materials. If you don’t have cardboard, you could also use a strong cards stock. No yarn? Try making a jute or twine wrapped heart. And if you don’t have a heart-shaped cookie cutter, no problem, print one out and trace it OR just free hand it. This craft is very forgiving.

Kids Can Make Yarn Wrapped Hearts

This is a great craft for kids of any age. If you’ve got older kids they can branch out and make a garland or mobile with their hearts. 

Also, if you’re doing this as a preschool activity, this is an awesome fine-motor exercise. This is right up there with lacing cards, play dough mats, and other great activities that develop those fine-motor skills.

Furthermore, if you struggle with coming up with what to do for your homeschool arts and crafts, this kind of thing counts. You can tie it into a lesson about kindness, or simply do it as a fun way to break up the day. 

materials needed for cardboard yarn hearts


Materials Needed for Yarn Wrapped Yarn Hearts

Materials needed for this yarn heart craft: (amazon affiliate links are included in this list)


Directions for Making a Yarn Wrapped Heart

  1. Using the heart-shaped cookie cutter, trace the heart on the piece of cardboard. Don’t worry about perfect lines. Once you start wrapping the yarn around, you won’t even see the lines.
Tracing heart cookie cutter

2. With your scissors, cut out the cardboard heart.

cutting a cardboard heart

3. Cut a notch into the top center of the heart to secure your string. Then, cut a few more notches around the heart to anchor a few pieces. (We found this helpful, so the string didn’t slide around too much as the wrapping is getting started.)

making a yarn heart

4. Continue wrapping the yarn in all different direction until you cannot see the cardboard anymore. And that’s it! Now you have a cute yarn heart.

5. To secure the last piece of yarn, you can tie a knot and tuck it behind the yarn on the back side of the heart OR you can hot glue it. (We tied a knot and tucked it in, and the end was hidden well.)

6. Lastly, make a ton of these hearts in all different colors and have fun! Then find something creative to do with all of your newly-made yarn hearts.


Things You Can Do with Yarn Wrapped Hearts

There are so many things you can do with these little hearts!  Here are some of the ideas I came up with and also a few ideas from other amazing creators. Make sure you check out these ideas once you get a handful of these yarn hearts made! 

  1. Make an ornament loop so you can hang them around your house.
  2. Create a Multicolored Yarn Heart Garland.
  3. Display a bowl of yarn hearts as decor.
  4. Give the yarn hearts away as gifts.
  5. Use a yarn heart in place of a bow on top of a gift
  6. Make a yarn heart topiary
  7. Create a heart wrapped mobile
girl holding yarn wrapped heart

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six affirmation cards and scissors


What are some of your favorite Valentine crafts for kids? 

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