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Letter B Worksheets

Do you have a preschooler or kindergartener? If so, I’ve got some free, printable, letter B worksheets to share with you today!

These letter B printables are nice to have on hand for letter recognition practice, learning beginning sounds, building handwriting skills and reinforcing fine-motor dexterity.

So whether you are doing preschool at home or are doing letter-a-day activities with your kindergartener, I think you will find this resource helpful.

Let me take a minute and show you what is in this letter B worksheet pack!

Letter B Worksheets

The letter B worksheets that are available in this free letter B printable are geared toward preschool and kindergarten age. And each worksheet aims to teach the letter B while building handwriting, vocabulary, fine motor skills, and phonetic awareness.

1. Letter B Worksheets for Preschool

To begin, the first two letter B worksheets in this pack feature a picture of an item that starts with letter B. Then follows up with a large upper and lowercase letter B to color, and a B word to practice tracing.

Tip: If you laminate the preschool pages, they can be reusable!

2. Uppercase B and Lowercase Letter B Worksheets

Then next two letter B worksheets focus on practicing the upper and lowercase B. These letter B printables build prewriting skill, letter formation, beginning sounds, B vocabulary, and letter differentiation.

3. Color the Letter B Objects – Letter B Worksheet

Now we have a letter B practice page that helps kids to identify words that begin with the B sound. This fun coloring sheet helps to build sound differentiation between other letters in the alphabet, as well as, reinforcing the specific sound that B makes.

4. Letter B Tracing and Writing Worksheet

If your kids have started handwriting, this next sheet is a great beginner-friendly option. First, they will trace the letter B, then practice writing it on their own.

Note: before you begin, be sure you teach your kids to follow the stroke marks and tracing lines to learn how to write the letter B correctly.

5. Letter B Drawing Worksheet

For this next letter B worksheet, your kids are instructed to read the B word, trace the B word, then draw a picture to represent the word. (Note: If your preschooler isn’t reading, you can read the word together before they go on to the next steps.)

6. B Word Tracing – Letter B Worksheets for Kindergarten

The last letter B worksheet in this pack is a vocabulary list of common B words that your kids can read, trace, and practice. Have your student read each word out loud then trace it using their best handwriting.

Tips for Teaching Letter S to Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

The letter B says /b/ as in: baby, bed, and boy. This /b/ sound is made as you send a quick burst of air through lightly closed lips. 

B is a short sound letter, which means that it cannot be held out. (C,K, D, and G are other short sound words).

When you begin teaching letter B to preschoolers or kindergarteners practice is key.

Another thing to keep in mind for younger children, is visual letter confusion OR letter reversal. This confusion is very common as kids are learning their alphabet, but with a little bit of practice, can easily be straightened out. The letter b is typically confused with the letter d. (Try different strategies for learning letters and sounds to help with these common mixups.)

Free Printable Letter B Worksheets

Are you ready to download the free printable letter B worksheets? (Please keep in mind, these worksheets are an instant download and are for personal use only!)  For Access to this freebie, Join the Inspire the Mom Community and sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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Letter B Worksheets – Q & A

1. What four letter words start with B for kids?

Baby, back, bait, bags, ball, boom, boot, bush, bugs, band, bank, bars, bats, bead, book, bowl, busy, beam, bear, beef, bike, bump, bird, blue, boat, body, bone, and bulb.

2. What are some objects that begin with letter B?

Boat, banana, ball, and bowl. For more items that begin with B, check out the Full List of Objects that Start with B!

3. Where can I find a huge list of words that begin with B?

For a huge list of words that begin with B, check out this B Words for Kids page!

How do you plan on using the free letter B printables with your kids?

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