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Printable Homeschool Forms for Kids and Parents

Wondering what forms you might use for homeschool? Today I’m sharing some of the printable homeschool forms I use in my kids morning work binders. Stay to the end to find links to download each one.

Homeschool forms reading log

What should homeschoolers be keeping track of?

Check your state requirements to find out what is mandatory to keep track of. Then, decided what other homeschool forms you would like to use to help keep your homeschool organized and running smoothly. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Chores
  • Attendance
  • Goals
  • Memory work
  • Reading list
  • Spelling list

Printable Kid’s Homeschool Forms

1. Chore Chart

This year, I am adding their chore chart to their morning binder. We typically use a weekly chore chart and hang it on the fridge, but this year we are trying a monthly chore chart layout and keeping it in their binder.

The plan is to have the kids mark that they’ve done their chores, then when its time for our table time, I will give it a quick look over to make sure everything was done well, then fill in the chore check box for the day at the bottom of the page.

2. Attendance Sheet

Some states require homeschoolers to keep track of attendance. (Check your state homeschool laws here) Ours does not, however, with our four day a week schedule and some of our travels I am going to have the kids keep track of their attendance this year. I’m not concerned because we do school mostly all year, but I’d like to know where we land on this.

3. I can goals

This goals page is really for my kids. I like them to dream about how they would like to finish the I CAN sentence and then turn them into goals they could mark off.

As an example, our five year old has: I can tie my shoes own my own.

4. Memory Work

Memory work is basically things you want your kids to memorize. This can be anything from poetry to math equivalents. (Check out this list of 100 things to memorize to get some ideas.)

As a reference, this year, my son will be memorizing: Skip counting, The Lord’s Prayer, a short poem, and the Sign Language Alphabet.

I have written in the pieces on this memory work form I want them to work on, then they find three people to recite their piece to.

5. Reading List

Each kid gets their own reading list in their binder. To begin the school year, we start with a list of the books we have on hand then add as we go.

Also, this reading list allows the kids to rate the book based on a three-star system (Great, ok, and not my favorite). And do a total book count at the bottom of the page.

6. Spelling Lists

These are a quick review of their spelling words for the week. They spell each word out loud while they write it on their list. At the end of the week, I give them a quick pop quiz of their spelling words.

In the spelling list download, there are three different list layouts based on three different grade brackets, as well as, corresponding quiz sheets along with each one.

Downloadable Homeschool Forms

What types of printable homeschool forms do you use?

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