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Letter F Worksheets

For the next in our alphabet worksheet series, I’ve got free printable letter F worksheets! These are awesome to have on hand for letter recognition practice, learning beginning sounds, and building handwriting skills for your preschoolers or kindergarteners.

So whether you are doing preschool at home or are doing letter-a-day activities with your kindergartener, I think you will find these letter F printables to be helpful.

Now, let me show you want is in this letter F worksheets pack.

Letter F Worksheets

We are going to do a quick walk-through of the eight letter F worksheets that are available in this free letter F printable. Each of these practice pages aims to teach the uppercase and lowercase F while building handwriting, vocabulary, fine motor skills, and phonetic awareness.

1. Letter F Worksheets for Preschool

The first two letter F worksheets for preschool and kindergarten feature a picture of an object that starts with the letter F. There is also the large upper and lowercase letter F to color, and a F word to practice tracing.

Tip: Laminate the preschool pages, if you want to reuse them!

2. Uppercase and Lowercase Letter F Worksheets

Now for a couple worksheets that practice on the upper and lowercase F. Each on helps with letter formation, beginning sounds, F vocabulary, and letter differentiation.

3. Color the Letter F Objects Practice Pages

This next letter F worksheet teaches kids to identify all the words on the page that begin with the F sound. This preschool coloring page helps to build sound differentiation between other letters in the alphabet while reinforcing the specific sound that letter F makes.

4. Learning to Write Letter F Worksheet

Are you kids ready to start handwriting? If so, when it comes to learning the letter F, this practice page is great place to start.

Note: before you begin this page, make sure you instruct your kids to follow the stroke marks and tracing lines to learn how to write the letter F correctly.

5. Drawing Letter F Words

To do this next learning letter F worksheet, have your preschooler or kindergartener read the given word, trace it, then draw a picture that corresponds with the word.

6. Letter F Vocabulary Words Worksheets for Kindergarten

The last letter F worksheet in this learning pack is a vocabulary list of common letter F words that your kids can read, trace, and practice. To complete this page, ask your kids read each word out loud, and then trace it using their best handwriting.

Tips for Teaching Letter F to Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

To make the /f/ sound as in: family, for, and fee, place your upper teeth lightly on your bottom lip and send a stream of air out. The /f/ sound is unvoiced, meaning that you do not use your voice box to make this sound, it is only air. 

When you begin teaching letter F to preschoolers or kindergarteners it’s important that you stick with the simple and familiar word choices as they are slowing expanding their letter recognition vocabulary. Regular practice of making the ‘f’ sound can also be very beneficial.

Another thing to keep in mind for younger children, is visual letter confusion OR letter reversal. This confusion is very common as kids are learning their alphabet, but with a little bit of practice, can easily be straightened out. The letter F is typically confused with the letter T. (Try different strategies for learning letters and sounds to help with these common mixups.)

Download the Free Printable Letter F Worksheets

Want to get the free letter F worksheets? You can get them here! (Please keep in mind, these worksheets are an instant download and are for personal use only!)  For Access to this freebie, Join the Inspire the Mom Community and sign in with Grow for this exclusive content!

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Letter F – Q & A

1. What three letter words start with F for kids?

Fog, fab, fan, far, fig, fit, fun, fix, fog, fin, for, fat, fox, and fur.

2. Can you name some objects that begin with letter F?

Fish, fox, finger, and foot. For more items that begin with F, check out the Full List of Objects that Start with F!

3. Where can I find a huge list of words that begin with F?

For a huge list of words that begin with F, check out this F Words for Kids page!

How do you plan on using the free letter F printables with your kids?

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