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Huge Fall Activities Pack for Pre-k and Kindergarten

Fall is officially here. While I love to bring an autumn look to our house with decor changes, I also enjoy customizing some of our home learning-activities around the season as well.

One way to do this, is simply taking time to observe nature. Scavenger hunts, leaf creations, and harvesting things like pumpkins and apples are fun ways to accomplish this.

Another way, is fall-themed books and paper activities.


Printable Fall Activities

I’m excited about this fall-activity pack that I just finished. It has over 100 activity pages to pull out and use with my littles during this fall season.

The content covers everything from upper and lowercase letters to ordinal counting.

I am planning on using these worksheets during our morning, reading time or when I need a quick activity to give a child so I can focus my attention on another.





Assemble pages in a 3-ring binder OR print and go. (For daily practice, you can put the pages in clear page protectors, wipe-off, and reuse.)




Fall Activities Download


If you want to print these Fall-Themed Activities for your homeschool or classroom you can get the download HERE.




With a fall-theme, these activities are designed to reinforce the basic skills that pre-k through kindergarten students are working towards.




Also, don’t forget to check out this Fall Busy Book too!


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