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Picture Books about Thanksgiving

November is our month to learn about gratitude, family, fall, and fun. Taking advantage of the teaching opportunities that come along with this month, I wanted to share our favorite picture books about Thanksgiving.

Most of these books were library finds for us, because I couldn’t find many among our own collection that were specifically Thanksgiving themed. I guess it’s time to go shopping!

I was pretty pleased with the mixture of new, as well as, vintage books we were able to find. This list is a nice balance between simple, easy reads and books that contain more hearty content.

Hope you all are able to take time to read aloud to your kids this month. If you have any other great Thanksgiving-themed books leave them in the comments below!

Picture Books About Thanksgiving

  1. Sharing the Bread: An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Story by Pat Zietlow Miller – This is a beautiful, heart-warming picture book about Thanksgiving! It highlights the importance of good food, family, and a heart of gratitude. (Family favorite.)
  1. Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende and Henry Devlin – This is an older picture book about Thanksgiving, but a really good one! Grandma is always encouraging everyone to bring guests to Thanksgiving dinner, but when someone invites the disagreeable Mr. Whiskers, what will she do?
  1. A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting – Mrs. Moose wants a turkey for Thanksgiving. Mr. Moose hurries out the door to find one. Mr. Turkey thinks they want to eat him for dinner, but they really just want him to be one of their guests at the Thanksgiving table
  1. Give Thanks to the Lord by Karma Wilson – This picture book about thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude based off of Psalm 92. The child in this book, experiences the cozy atmosphere of the house, tasty Thanksgiving food, a loving family, and has feelings of gratefulness.
  1. Thanksgiving is Here by Diane Goode – When the turkey comes out of the oven and the guests arrive, the Thanksgiving celebration is underway! Delicious smelling food, friends chattering, babies crying, and dogs underfoot: Its a full house and there is excitement and fun for all to enjoy.
  1. Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes – Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful! This book is about being thankful for the small things: apple pie baking in the oven and colorful leaves on the ground. But also, for having family to share all these little things with.
  1. Over the River and Through the Wood by Lydia Maria Child – A nostalgic-feeling, beautifully illustrated book that takes you through time’s past and country side of the early 1900’s as you make your way to Grandma’s house for thanksgiving. See charming pictures of the snow covered ground, dappled horses, and children at play.
  1. Sarah Gives Thanks by Mike Allegra – Sarah Hale was a busy mother as well as a magazine editor and accomplished writer. This picture book tells about her life and how she worked hard to make Thanksgiving a national holiday.
  1. The Thanksgiving Door by Debbie Atwell – Just when Ed and Ann think their Thanksgiving dinner is ruined, they head to a cafe to eat. But when they get there, they are swept into a celebration that they would never forget.
  1. Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson – This is a great Thanksgiving picture book for preschoolers. Bear decides he wants to show is gratitude by preparing a nice big meal for his friends. The only problem is that his cupboards are empty. Learn about true friendship, sharing, and what it really means to be grateful.
  1. Fry Bread by Kevin Noble Maillard – This is a beautiful, little picture book about a Native American girl and her wonderful culture. I’ve included it in the Thanksgiving picture book list because it highlights food, family, culture, and ultimately, gratitude.
  1. I Am Thankful by Sheri Wall – This thanksgiving picture book follows three families and shows the readers how each family celebrates Thanksgiving in their own way. The charming rhyme and heart of gratitude makes this a nice read for kids.
  1. Thankful by Eileen Spinelli – This is a delightful picture book about gratitude for preschool or kindergarten aged kids. With playful illustrations, this simple text exemplifies thankfulness for the little things. (There is a board book version of this book as well.)
  1. Duck for Turkey Day by Jacqueline Jules – When Tuyet learns about the traditional Turkey at Thanksgiving. She worries that her Vietnamese-American family’s tradition of having duck is wrong. This Thanksgiving picture book celebrates culture, friendship, and gratitude.
  1. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie by Alison Jackson – If you enjoy the ‘I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed…” books, then you will enjoy this humorous book about the Old Lady and her Thanksgiving pie.
  1. Thanksgiving With Me by Margaret Willey – This is a sweet little story about a girl waiting for her favorite uncle to arrive for Thanksgiving. A book about holiday anticipation and Thanksgiving fun that your kids will really enjoy.
  1. Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet – Is the tale of the a puppeteer who invented the first balloons for the iconic Macy’s Day Parade in New York City. (If your kids have grown up watching the Macy’s Day Parade in person or on TV, they will enjoy this book immensely.
  1. T’was the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dave Pilkey – This is a Thanksgiving-themed humorous take on the traditional Christmas poem. This one, however, has to do with turkeys.
  1. Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano- Not wanting to be Thanksgiving dinner, Turkey tries is best to look like anything BUT a turkey. Your kids will laugh at his disguises, and marvel at the charming ending to this story.
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What are your favorite Thanksgiving picture books?

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  1. We were just at the library this weekend hunting for Thanksgiving books. When we return those we will have to check on some of these. We found Into the Wood and Turkey Bowl. Turkey Bowl doesn’t focus on being thankful really, but the kids liked it.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jessica! I need to get to the library to find some of these books. Our Liam is starting to read and is excited with picture books, also our little one needs them too. Have a lovely day, Terri xo.

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