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Thanksgiving Placemats and Conversation Cards

Today I’m sharing some Thanksgiving placemats and conversation cards. I love family traditions, particularly now that we have kids. The special and sometimes cheesy little things we do together is not only creating memories now, but connecting our past, present, and future families together. 

Our Thanksgiving Traditions

With that being said, one of my favorite childhood memories was making handmade placemats for each setting.

Printable Thanksgiving Day Placemats for Kids

Making placemats to add to your Thanksgiving tablescape is a fun way to incorporate the kids into the process of putting on the big dinner.

Or, it can also be a good way to keep the little hands busy while the food is being prepped and served.

thanksgiving placemat one

Printable Thanksgiving Conversation Cards

Conversation cards is another fun tradition that we have adopted from my husband’s side of the family.  We simply place a prompt card at each setting and after the meal is finished, we take turns answering the prompt.

This is a fun way to generate meaningful conversation, as well as, put everyone in a spirit of thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Placemats and Conversation Cards Download

These Thanksgiving printable resources were made with my family in mind, but could easily be shared and used at your Thanksgiving table. If you want printable, pre-made placemats, turkey templates, or conversation cards you can download them HERE.


What is your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

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  1. What a cute post. Traditions are what make holidays so much fun. We have place cards with our pictures on them for table seating. We go around the table asking each person to share what they have been thankful for this year. Have a great Thanksgiving

  2. Thanks so much for these great printables Jessica! What a nice placemat you created with Jovie , and a memory for her to treasure. I like you can write what you are thankful for on it. The conversation cards are a good way to express oneself . I do not have childhood memories of thanksgiving as I had my first here in my 20s , but just the love and fellowship that people show each other is what makes it special for Me. Wishing you and your beautiful family a blessed day on Thursday, Terri xo.

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