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Printable Christmas Prewriting Book

Do you have any fun Christmas activities planned for your preschoolers? Today I’m going to share our printable Christmas prewriting book we will be using this month. 

I love having something I can grab that I know my youngest will enjoy. This Christmas prewriting book is definitely one of those resources.

With space to draw, color, and trace all sorts of fun Christmas pictures, I know my daughter is getting some great prewriting practice in!



Christmas Prewriting Printables

I enjoy putting together prewriting activities for my preschooler. Earlier this year, I made the Prewriting Book Series, so I thought it would be nice to top off the collection with a Christmas Book.

This is a 59 page Christmas prewriting printable focuses on the building of fine motor skills while introducing the basic strokes of handwriting (eg. straight lines, angled lines, slanted lines, and drawing prompts.0

Furthermore, this preschool printable contains other preschool elements such as colors, patterns, matching, sizes, name writing, and more.

preschool activity

Christmas Prewriting  Tips for Success

Ready to try some prewriting activities with your preschooler? Here are a few tips for success to get you started using this resource:

1. First of all, gently introduce strokes, and preschool concepts. While these concepts are extremely easy for us, they are completely new to toddlers and preschoolers. Start slow and make it fun.

2. Next, have your student trace the pictures then practice making the given stroke. The emphasis is not on mastery, but of developing stronger fine motor skills while introducing the strokes of handwriting. Be encouraging and celebrate the little wins.

3. Take the time to regularly review how to hold the pencil correctly, as well as, good posture in your kids. These are foundation to good handwriting.

4. Encourage, reward, have fun.

preschool Christmas prewriting page


How to Assemble the Christmas Prewriting Book 

You can put these prewriting pages together and make a notebook or you can print as you go. There is no right or wrong way to use this resource, just do what works best for you and your child.

Assembly Instructions:

Option #1: PRINT AND GO!

Option #2: Print, laminate covers, have bound or put into a 3-ring binder.

I printed mine front to back, laminated the covers, then had them bound at our local print shop for a couple dollars. Having this resource in book form is ideal for us, because we plan on working through it on a daily basis. 


Christmas Prewriting Book Download

If you have a preschooler and would like a copy of this Christmas Prewriting printable for your homeschool or classroom, you can find the DOWNLOAD HERE in my TPT store.


Contents of Christmas Prewriting Book

Prewriting is a gentle introduction to handwriting. It builds fine motor skills, teaches basic strokes of handwriting, and simply allows the child to become acclimated to using a writing utensil.

This packet includes the basic strokes of letters and shapes (straight, angled, and crossed lines), flowing motion, and shape formation.

Preview of Preschool Christmas Prewriting
christmas prewriting for preschoolers
preschool christmas prewriting book preview
preschool activity



More Printable Prewriting Resources

For the three-book printable, prewriting series visit the Inspire the Mom TPT Store.

Preschool prewriting series




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